Does Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Card Photo Step on Kate Middleton's Toes?

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royal family portraitIf you were surprised the Queen didn't pose for any photos holding great-grandson Prince George after his christening, don't be. It turns out the photo of His Royal Highness with his parents Kate Middleton and Prince William released last week is not the last image we'll see from the post-christening shoot with photographer Jason Bell. Her Majesty is reportedly holding a few heavily guarded photos of Prince George back for her Christmas card!

Welcome to royalty, Duchess. You do all the hard work, and great-granny gets all the glory!


Look, I'm sure the Duchess was very gracious when she was asked -- wait, make that if she was asked -- about her little guy being front and center on the Queen's Christmas card. She's Kate! She oozes grace!

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But it had to rankle just a wee bit. He's her son. She's the mom! Sharing him on her Christmas card is her thing -- she should get to show him off like all the other moms on the big holiday. Only now her in-laws have just swept in and stolen her Christmas card idea

You don't have to be married to the future King to know how that feels. Ever had a grandparent rain on your parade? Sure, they're proud as punch, and they just lurv to show off their precious grandchild, but sometimes that pride goes a little too far. You know, like putting your grandkid on your Christmas card.

But don't worry, Duchess fans, she's got an ace in the hole. Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly going to use the SAME photo on their card! We can't wait to see it!

How would you feel if your child's grandparents wanted to put him/her on the Christmas card? Would you take Kate's lead and be gracious or be mad as a wet hen?



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Teresa Kingery

Be gracious!  It's a must in the world that Kate lives in and she is a very savy lady and knows this.  Hats off to Kate!!!

Lucky... Luckysgirl665

It goes with the life she has chosen. The Duchess most likely won't be bothered by it too much because she knew the deal when she married the future king. To me this seems like such a non issue. 

Cindy Holland

i for one think its a great idea that Her Majesty would be photographed holding the wee Prince. i would love to see that photo and im sure Duchess Katherine completely understands.. she is married into the family now. so ya... no story here.


Julia Maier Beutel

it would be a great honor for the Queen of England to be holding my child on her Christmas Photo. This child was born to be the King of England one day, so it suits.

nonmember avatar Nicky

God you people write such a bunch of repetitive drivel. I'm out. I sure hope Kate doesn't endorse this rubbish.

BirdCo BirdCo

Why does the stir dislike the queen so much? Every article about the royals is basically a bitch piece about the queen.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I don't see why this is a big deal...

ashjo85 ashjo85

One cannot look at the British monarchy through the lens of American standards. Of course nothing is going to make sense, and of course you wouldn't do it! But why should that weird you out?

Mara K Rajput

This is silly and petty!

nonmember avatar Kelly

Once again, this site is making a big deal out of nothing. I'm sure Kate didn't even care.

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