Beautiful Nursery Combines Patterns for Lovely Result (PHOTOS)


This shared room just so happens to be located in a farmhouse on a family farm. It doesn't get much more idyllic than that, and this room for two sisters couldn't be more darling so let's dive right in and see the rest below!


The door to this room comes from the house the girls' great-great-grandmother grew up in. It has a window which allows for the perfect way to peek in on the girls during naps or play without disturbing them. 

Maybe I love all the doors in this space, even the ones that lead to the closet. So historical and lovely. I also am admiring the unique shape of that dresser turned changing table, a gorgeous vintage find.  

This tall black dresser is another beautiful vintage piece, how lucky! The toddler bed was purchased secondhand and given a new head and footboard and a coat of white paint. 

 That big union rug brings the right amount of pattern and really pulls this room together nicely. 


I think in a dream world we'd all have a farmhouse with a sweet room like this one. I really dig the tall ceilings and windows, and especially the subtle feminine vibe this room gives off. 

But is it girly enough for you? Tell me what you think below!



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