Pippa's Christening Present to Prince George Follows Royal Tradition

silver hands and feetOh ... my. Prince George's christening is over, but the gifts for the royal munchkin keep on coming. Members of the British Parliament reportedly sent a handcrafted pine toy box to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark the event. And then there's the present from Pippa Middleton, aunt of the future king.

What could the younger sister of Kate Middleton get for the baby who has everything? How about the royal baby's hands and feet, cast in silver?


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Rumor has it that's what Pippa purchased for her nephew, although a spokesperson for Clarence House won't confirm the $11,000 present, so take this one with a grain of salt.

Could it be true?

It's actually not that far-fetched. The folks at Wrightson and Platt, a London firm that offers what they call "lifecasting," credits the start of their business to an idea that Queen Victoria had back in the day. The then queen commissioned an artist to cast her nine children’s hands and feet in alabaster.

So you could call it royal tradition!

But I can't imagine what it would have taken on Pippa's part to pull off a present of this magnitude.

First off, she actually had to get some time one on one with her little nephew because, duh, hands and feet (and from the looks of Prince William and the Duchess' faces in every picture we see of them, they don't let that little guy out of their sight for long!). And then she'd have had to convince Her Highness to actually let her infant son's hands and feet be shoved into a mixture of water and a seaweed-based powder for 30 seconds to make a mold. 


I'll admit I am kicking myself for never getting around to even doing one of those cheap make-at-home prints of my daughter's chubby little hands when she was a baby. But I don't know that I could have held her still for 30 whole seconds at that age, not with her hands and feet encased in some strange goo! 

Then again, my baby isn't a royal baby ... Prince George seems to be up for anything!

Would you let your baby go through that for the sake of the memories?


Image via Wrightson & Platt

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