6 Natural Ways to Treat Baby Eczema

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Oct 30, 2013 Baby
6 Natural Ways to Treat Baby Eczema
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Few things are more sensitive in this world than babies' skin. The littlest thing can set off a rash or some sort of skin irritation. So it's no wonder that so many little ones suffer from baby eczema (aka really dry skin). Poor things! In extreme cases of eczema, a trip to the doctor and some prescription ointment may be in order, but in many other cases, eczema can be alleviated and/or cured with a natural remedy.

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When the little ones are starting to break out in dry itchy blotches, we can't help but feel bad for them! Of course, going to the pediatrician is always a good choice, but what if one needs a fix now or wants a cure that is a little more natural? A mama might want to try a natural remedy to help baby feel a whole lot better. We found six natural ways to treat baby eczema. From an oatmeal bath to a humidifier to coconut and even breast milk (it really does cure it all!) -- try these remedies when the little one is crying and in pain. 

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Take a look at these great natural remedies that are perfect to treat baby's skin. Sometimes eczema is temporary, but if the little one keeps crying in discomfort, it's always good to have a bag of tricks! 


  • Oatmeal Bath



    Oatmeal baths help alleviate itching from eczema and other skin irritants. To make one, simply blend about 1/3 cup of oats on the highest setting until you have a fine powder. Sprinkle the powder into a tub of running water and stir until water looks cloudy and feels "silky". Let your little one soak for around 20 minutes.

  • Use a Humidifier


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    Dry air only makes dry skin (eczema) all the more dry. Moisten up your child's bedroom air with a humidifier when they go to sleep at night.

  • Use Moisturizers With All-Natural Soothing Agents


    Moisturize your little doll until you can't moisturize anymore! There are a million plant-based lotions and oils out there, which contain naturally soothing ingredients like chamomile and calendula, but personally I'm partial to the California Baby line. They even have an eczema cream!

  • Bathe Baby Less



    Aside from giving your baby a few oatmeal baths here and there, try bathing your baby less than you normally do since bathing can dry and strip skin. Also, make baths shorter and cooler than usual; and switch to an all-natural, organic soap, if you don't use one already.

  • Coconut Oil


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    Some moms swear by rubbing coconut oil on the affected areas when eczema strikes. And it doesn't get much more natural than that.

    Except for ...

  • Breast Milk




    Breast milk! Applying a few dabs of "liquid gold" on baby's dry patches a few times a day should definitely speed up recovery.

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