6 Natural Ways to Treat Baby Eczema

baby cryingFew things are more sensitive in this world than babies' skin. The littlest thing can set off a rash or some sort of skin irritation. So it's no wonder that so many little ones suffer from baby eczema (AKA really dry skin). Poor things!

In extreme cases of eczema, a trip to the doctor and some prescription ointment may be in order, but in many other cases, eczema can be alleviated and/or cured with a natural remedy.

Here are six natural ways to treat baby eczema.

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Lynette Lynette

left out of this list are some of the biggest things!  Like unscented laundry detergent(double rinse cycles), air purifier, vacuuming more, washing sheets more, looking at diet(to heal my DD's eczema I cut out some food triggers in my diet while breastfeeding).  And a really really HUGE one is COTTON, no no no polyester!!!  Another thing some moms look into is a hazelwood necklace for baby.

Lynette Lynette

I found coconut oil to cause a mess, oil spots on clothes.  100% Raw Shea Butter(no other ingredients but shea) to be much better.  You can find it online or smetimes natural health type stores.

Jessica Myers

We used veggie shortening on my daughter. We tired all the baby eczema creams we could find to help her skin and nothing worked in fact all ended in very painful rashes. So we turned to cooking shortening and it worked wonders. Also free and clear laundry soap and water softener in place of fabric softener. Then double rinse. We were only able to bath her once a week until she was one or her skin would crack and bleed. We also used Aveeno baby eczema baby wash. Also instead of blending the oatmeal for the bath we would use an old sock and just fill it with oatmeal and let it soak in the a water for a few minutes kind of like a tea bag.  With the next one I plan on doing the same thing although I might try Raw Shea Butter like Lynette mentioned instead of veggie oil. Maybe the baby wont smell like a turkey LOL.

mompam mompam

My eczema baby is 10 now. Every winter she suffers. I will try some of these ideas. We use eucerine thickly after showering. Helps a bit.

Raven Arlowe

When it comes to eczema, diet is huge because in many cases it's triggered by food sensitivies. All the suggestions are fine, but they're just a band aid and don't actually fix the problem in most cases.

Karen Warriorgal Sodigal

nooo noooooooooo....just use footspray...yes footspray does the ultimate trick....try it u wont regret it..it was the only thing that i used to help my grandson wen he suffered with eczema..

nonmember avatar anna

Actually your supposed to bathe your baby everynight and apply lotion 3 minutes afterthey get out of the tub. pat dry dont rub. my son has to see a dermatologist and has had to see him since he was 2. most of his environmental allergies cause the eczema but they do have new studies showing bathing every night helps retain the moisture!

nonmember avatar E

Keep in mind, these only work if it's caused by something other than food allergies. My son is allergic to some of the things on this list, and they were what was causing his horrible reactions! I couldn't even put breastmilk on him b/c I couldn't feed him my milk, as it contained allergens from what I was eating (and things I couldn't cut out of my diet completely) :/ If your baby has severe eczema, and you've ruled out everything external (the lotions, soaps, detergents, bedding etc) you might want to check for something internal!

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Best thing we did for eczema was to rinse our child with the showerhead after the bath. A short bath and a good rinse cleared up all of the ezcema in our house.

casan... casanderson1

Vinegar baths is #1 on my list, ive suffered from eczema my entire life and that always clears it up.

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