6 Baby Onesies for Moms With a Sense of Humor (PHOTOS)

Leilah Peralta | Oct 30, 2013 Baby

As if babies don't get enough attention, now there are tons of hilarious onesies for them to wear around town too! We asked everyone on The Prowl to find the funniest, most attention-grabbing onesies out there, and boy, did they deliver! 

Funny onesies are lighthearted baby fashion -- and makes an excellent baby shower gift -- that will probably result in mom and baby being stopped by amused strangers in the supermarket. From music references to witty puns, the funny onesies we've rounded up will make you stop and smile ... even if you're about to do a diaper change.

  • Lightweight


    Of course, this onesie (Etsy, $15.88) is an innocent reference to the cherished nap that follows a bottle of milk. Though it may have you thinking about your pre-baby days ...

  • Grumpy Baby


    Grumpy Cat may say, "Just put me down," though this onesie (ThinkGeek.com, $12.99) will tempt you to do just the opposite for baby.

  • What Happens in Vegas


    Expect a few raised eyebrows from family and friends if you dress baby in this onesie (Etsy, $15.88).

  • Worth the Wait


    Weight or wait, both are the truth. Though just one small edit makes this onesie (Etsy, $14.99) even truer for every mom.

  • Rollin' and Strollin'


    If you know the song this onesie (Etsy, $16.50) refers to, you can't help but sing these altered lyrics in your head.

  • Geek Out


    Any dad who is a Star Wars fan will be proud to tote his baby around in a Darth Vader onesie (Etsy, $18).

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