6 Baby Onesies for Moms With a Sense of Humor (PHOTOS)

Leilah Peralta
Oct 30, 2013

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  • Lightweight


    Of course, this onesie (Etsy, $15.88) is an innocent reference to the cherished nap that follows a bottle of milk. Though it may have you thinking about your pre-baby days ...

  • Grumpy Baby


    Grumpy Cat may say, "Just put me down," though this onesie (ThinkGeek.com, $12.99) will tempt you to do just the opposite for baby.

  • What Happens in Vegas


    Expect a few raised eyebrows from family and friends if you dress baby in this onesie (Etsy, $15.88).

  • Worth the Wait


    Weight or wait, both are the truth. Though just one small edit makes this onesie (Etsy, $14.99) even truer for every mom.

  • Rollin' and Strollin'


    If you know the song this onesie (Etsy, $16.50) refers to, you can't help but sing these altered lyrics in your head.

  • Geek Out


    Any dad who is a Star Wars fan will be proud to tote his baby around in a Darth Vader onesie (Etsy, $18).

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