6 Baby Onesies for Moms With a Sense of Humor (PHOTOS)

As if babies don't get enough attention, now there are tons of hilarious onesies for them to wear around town too! We asked everyone on The Prowl to find the funniest, most attention-grabbing onesies out there, and boy, did they deliver! 

Funny onesies are lighthearted baby fashion -- and makes an excellent baby shower gift -- that will probably result in mom and baby being stopped by amused strangers in the supermarket. From music references to witty puns, the funny onesies we've rounded up will make you stop and smile ... even if you're about to do a diaper change.

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EmilyH87 EmilyH87

30? Am I the only one that's only seeing 6 onesies?

Lilit... Lilith.23

Emily i feel ya. Only 6 :/ you might want to change that whoever wrote the article. But nice tho

nonmember avatar yeah...

The Stir has been doing this a lot lately--putting one number in the title, but if you want to see all of them, you need to click on the link in the article.

Jilectan Jilectan

Yeah, there are only 6.

I like the Darth Vader one.

nonmember avatar Carrie

Where are the other 24??

Roxan... Roxanne_357

Since when does 6 = 30??


momof... momof3inTN

Someone can't count.  Eh. I have a sense of humor but I didn't really find any of those to be funny.

Lizzi... LizzieAnnesMom

I think someone forgot how to count....

Tara Talalas

the rest of the thirty are at the link in the articular

Mazie... Mazie0723

My 9 month old has the "pick me up sweetheart I love older chicks."

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