10-Month-Old Is So Moved By Mom's Heartbreaking Song, She Tears Up (VIDEO)

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If you've ever been brought to tears by listening to a sweet angelic voice sing a heart-wrenching tune, then you know just how this 10-month-old baby feels. The little girl clearly has music in her soul, as her reaction to her mom singing to her is just unbelievably touching. She really doesn't appear to be a baby in this video -- her expressions are more like some whiskey-fueled blues singer baring her soul in the smoky corner of a two-bit piano lounge.

Ontario baby Marie-Lynne Leroux watches her mom Amanda sing Rod Stewart's "My Heart Can't Tell You No" with an expression that belies her short time on this planet. Check it out:

I don't know about you, but mom's rendition had me tearing up too -- but so did darling little Marie-Lynne's expression.

Of course, you know how YouTube is. A lot of people are claiming child abuse -- saying Marie-Lynne was clearly scared (??!!), so the mom should have stopped singing.

Are you serious, people? The girl doesn't start screaming. Those are the types of tears you get when you see a sad commercial -- or hear a sad song. This baby has soul, I tell you! Plus, she smiles when she's not crying. It's a bittersweet thing, you see.

Did you think babies were capable of this kind of deep feeling? I think it might say something about certain tones affecting our tear ducts and pulling our heart strings -- because I doubt very much the baby knows what momma is singing.

She does, however, know heartbreak when she hears it.

Do you think this baby is enjoying the performance or is she scared?


Image via Alain Leroux/YouTube

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Lilit... Lilith.23

Everytime i sing holy night to my son, he gets all mushy cuddly.

I think its cute.

Seriously that's not child abuse, smh -.-"

so singing to your child and your child getting emotional is considered child abuse now pffffffffff well arrest me then!

I love it,it's sweet,the mother has a beautiful voice and that baby is soooooooooooooo cute.

Tanisha Jackson

This is so sweet!!! That is the most adorable baby!!!


Joyce White

I THINK THE BABY IS "FEELING" COMMUNION WITH THE MOTHER. Sensing her mothers heart. Babies have a wide range of feelings and benefit by opportunities to relate to others, especially those in their own family. I believe people would be better off having plenty of this kind of training. It real!!

nonmember avatar Dallas

Aww. That sweet baby.

Melan... Melanie_berries

That is just too precious! There is no way that pretty little baby girl was scared, the was just feeling what momma was singing. Its the core of communication. ...and absolutely beautiful! Momma has an amazing voice. Kudos to her. I wish more parents spend such quality time singing and communicating....I miss it dearly. My son used to coo and coo when I sang to him...he would laugh and smile and, yes, sometimes tear up...such precious memories

nonmember avatar Sara

That is too cute.

nonmember avatar Sara

I wonder if the people saying that are Steve Wilkos followers. Sounds like something he would say. Those of you who have seen the show would know what I am talking about

nonmember avatar Laurie

When I used to sing "Baby Mine" to my son he would tear up and sometimes cry. It's not child abuse. It's a connection.

Miyu Chibi Shira

Purely awesome, this is.  We are all old souls reborn and this child understands more than you know.  I'm sure Mom sang while she was pregnant, there's no way that baby girl is scared... she loves the sound of her mother's voice

cmjaz cmjaz

Such a sweet baby

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