Baby Taken Away From Parents for Smoking Medical Marijuana

marijuanaMom, would you take medicine in the same house as your kid? Wait, why am I asking that? Moms do that every day. So why did a set of parents lose their baby for smoking medial marijuana? It's a medicine, right? That's the argument Steve and Maria Green had when the state of Michigan took their daughter, Bree, alleging they were providing an unsafe environment for the baby because they smoke pot.

Only the Greens didn't smoke pot around their baby girl. So what gives? Why is this any worse than a mom popping an Ambien and going to sleep, while her husband stays (legal) drug free to wake up with baby?


Remember, it's legal for people like Steve and Maria Green who suffer from seizures and multiple sclerosis respectively, to use as medicine. But these poor parents are still being stigmatized!

Now, when was the last time someone asked you if you were going to use YOUR prescription drugs around your kid?

Never? Didn't think so. I have yet to see the cops knocking down the door of a parent charging them with abusive parenting because their migraine medicine makes them drowsy. Nor do doctors automatically assume that a mom who gets her diabetes meds will be sharing them with the kids.

That's how it should be. Parents should be trusted, by and large, to know how to juggle parenting and responsible prescription drug use.  If we're going to make marijuana available via prescription; it's about time we stop treating parents like they're somehow hurting their kids by taking advantage of it.

Good parenting isn't about never taking care of yourself. It's about making sure whatever it is you have to do for you, the adult, doesn't affect your kids. 

With pot that's pretty easy. Don't have the baby in the room when you're getting baked. Make sure there's a responsible (not stoned) adult on hand to take care of the baby.

Carry on.

Got that? Pot smoking and parenting can happen in the same household, responsibly! Legally.

The Greens, by the way, say they never smoked pot around baby Bree, and now that they've gotten her back (yay!), they readily agreed to allow her to be tested regularly for signs of inhalation because they say that's not something she's at risk for anyway. Still, I can't help but be struck by how unfair it is that these parents have to submit to these tests when they weren't breaking any rules in the first place. But with a record 58 percent of Americans responding a recent Gallup poll that pot should be legalized, maybe the notion that pot smoking makes for bad parents will die sooner rather than later?

What prescription drugs will you not take around your baby?


Image via Nathan Griffith/Corbis


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