Royal Baby's Official Christening Photos Are Here! (PHOTOS)

Official royal christening portraitThey're here. They're here. They're finally here! The royal family sat down for official portraits after Prince George Louis Alexander's christening! The historic photos bring together Kate Middleton's family and Prince William's, not to mention offering the best look at the royal baby's delicate little face yet.

According to a statement from the palace, the four formal photos were taken by Jason Bell immediately following Prince George’s baptism in the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace.

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It's hard to say what the best part of the photos is. Is it Prince George's adorable reaction to the camera? He actually hams it up! Or is spotting the Queen gazing adoringly at her great-grandson rather than keeping a stiff upper lip and looking at the camera?

Either way, these are photos that the baby royal will surely treasure in years to come, when he can look back at how all the members of his family came together for his special day.

Check out the Queen in number four! What do you think she was thinking?



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Lisa Bradley Tate

I think she was admiring him and watching to see if he had any more cute reactions!!

hanna... hannahsmom238

Holy crap that's a cute baby!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think Kate looks a little on edge but I can't blame her. Imagine if George had had a diaper blowout in that get up while Kate was wearing a cream suit. That would be some dry cleaning bill ;-)

Lori Turchin

He looks like Wills as a baby!

Donna Moore

they look like a very proud family amd that baby ;ooks just like his father


Kathy Steuber

what's with the purse? LOL was she afraid someone would steal her wallet? LOL!

Total... TotallyWarped

Kathy Stenbur, It hink it's her signature. She always as a purse in her public photos.


That baby is adorable and Great Grandma Queen sees it and loves it!

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

She doesn't seem to be aging much if any!!! To bad the men all lose their hair..:P Very pretty baby, and Kate is stunning. 

Karim Sadrudin Juma

The Cristening of His Royal Highness Prince George was well Worth the Wait.  It had the Special Momements that we see in these in these Pictures of the Generation of the British Royal Family continuing the Rope of Reign.  It is Grand and Powerful that since the Begining Of Reign to Now has had some Troubling Times to Joyous Reign throughout.  We in the Common Wealth are so Proud.  I feel Canadians the Most of all Common Wealth are Most Happy.  We have the Good Lord that we have British Royal  Monarchs who actually cares about all Our Common Wealth Countries and we Love the British Royal Monarchs in turnl.  For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to see the Day that they would See their Great Grandchild being Christened is Momemtous Day in thier Life.  May we Have many more Years Like this.

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