Awesome Nursery Includes Beautiful Thrift Store Touches (PHOTOS)

This nursery is heavy on antiques and thrifted finds, and moderated with a few carefully selected new items as well. Not a lot about this room screams "baby", and I can sure appreciate the eclectic departure from more traditional styles and trends. Click through to see all the details below!



Those floor skimming curtains sure are dressed up basics from IKEA, one of the few "new" items in this nursery. I personally can't stop staring at the thrifted antique light fixture, are those cattails? So cool! 

The rug was a discount score from West Elm, looks pretty soft and inviting to me. Trusty IKEA Expedit shelving seems to be an easily adaptable nursery favorite and is always a go-to for simple storage solutions.  

That big Revolutionary drummer boy painting was a pick from the legendary Round Top Antique Fair and the mahogany dresser is another gorgeous antique find. 

That quirky chair in the corner was a designer piece found at a thrift store that decorator/photographer mom, Erin, had recovered. I love the unique shape of it and especially the gold trim on bottom. It has just the right amount of 70's gaudiness to it, am I right?

So, the thing about this space is that boy or girl, it matters not. It's also decorated in a way that feels a bit more mature than your average nursery, which can be quite a divisive approach as we've learned in the past. Leave your thoughts on this room in the comments below!

Would you do a nursery this way?


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