Are Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Playing Favorites With Their First Child?

kourtney KardashianDuring a recent outing, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and their adorable son Mason were a picture perfect family. They were seen grabbing a bite at Toscanova in Calabasas, California, and everyone was all smiles. There was just one thing missing from this family bonding experience: It appears as though they left baby Penelope behind. Now if that doesn't call for a "sad face" emoticon, I don't know what does. But more than just a Kardash inter-family diss, it is symbolic of what second children go through all over the country.


Every mom of more than one admits it. The second child always gets the shaft. When we first become parents, we are often obsessed with being perfect. We carefully plan his diet, buy the top of the line everything, triple-check safety ratings. It's a paranoia that comes as naturally as peeing and pooping does for your baby.

However, that all but disappears as you dive into parenthood the second time around. It's not that you are not into your child or that you aren't over the moon. You just aren't so ... well, scared or obsessed. So this one gets secondhand clothes rather than you meticulously shopping for her outfits. And forget about taking her everywhere.

Then there is the halo that is usually around the head of every first born. A lot of moms tell me that first child has a special place in their heart. It makes sense, of course. That is The One that originally gave you your mommy status. He taught you the ropes. Showed you how to love like you never had and all that other sappy stuff.

And most parents also worry about making sure the first born still feels special. As everyone oohs and aahs over the new arrival, the older kid can feel left out. Perhaps that is Kourtney's motivation for giving Mason some one-on-one time with his parents. That can help avoid the jealously so many parents fear when expanding their family. So bottom line is, the second kid just has to learn to cope with being second fiddle.

Who gets more attention in your family -- the first or the second child? 


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