8 Breastfeeding Positions to Make Nursing Easier on Mom

breastfeeding momWhat is the right way to breastfeed a baby? Before I gave birth, it was the number one question on my mind (OK so maybe it was number two after: does every woman REALLY poop during delivery, but you get my point!). But the more women I asked, the more answers I got. Different answers.

Every mom I talked to had a different way to hold her baby while nursing, a different breastfeeding "style" so to speak. So which one was right? All of them. Every darn one of them. 

How you breastfeed a baby, it turns out, doesn't matter all that much. What does matter is that mom and baby are both comfortable and the little one is getting to eat. The real trick is finding what works for you.

So ... what breastfeeding style will work for you?


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We've got a crash course in breastfeeding positions to help you figure it out!

Think your baby is ready for #7? What is your favorite position for breastfeeding baby?



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