8 Breastfeeding Positions to Make Nursing Easier on Mom

breastfeeding momWhat is the right way to breastfeed a baby? Before I gave birth, it was the number one question on my mind (OK so maybe it was number two after: does every woman REALLY poop during delivery, but you get my point!). But the more women I asked, the more answers I got. Different answers.

Every mom I talked to had a different way to hold her baby while nursing, a different breastfeeding "style" so to speak. So which one was right? All of them. Every darn one of them. 

How you breastfeed a baby, it turns out, doesn't matter all that much. What does matter is that mom and baby are both comfortable and the little one is getting to eat. The real trick is finding what works for you.

So ... what breastfeeding style will work for you?

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We've got a crash course in breastfeeding positions to help you figure it out!

Think your baby is ready for #7? What is your favorite position for breastfeeding baby?



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nonmember avatar Candice M Samps

Love and done all of these! Our Fav is #5!!

nonmember avatar Le

I am guilty of number 7 thanks to the boppy lol

Bunhash Bunhash

I think I've done all of these. And the hanging over baby helped SO MUCH when I had mastitis and was having difficulty getting through a plugged duct. The gravity helped fix the issue.


I LOVE my ring sling. Still use it on my 11month old, and will probably continue to use it for as long as he fits. Then I'll make a bigger one. It makes carrying a large baby way easier. Also perfect for using public transport since no one gives it a dirty look like they do the stroller.

I dangle fed baby during his second round of immunizations. He was just soooo sad, and the nurse didn't mind. Worked wonderful. 

nonmember avatar Anon

If baby's hungry during your workout, pop into plank and use #8!

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

My favorite is the side laying one. It is the most comfortable way to nurse.

Lane-... Lane-Moja

All except for football hold. Never worked fr us when he was a newbie, so we never returned t it. Also love laying on my back, he lays over me to nurse the opposite breast. Or I sit on the couch, he stands and nurses, I prepare something at the kitchen counter and he stands on a chair. In my pocket sling (like Lucky Baby or Seven Slings using the hip carry...just adjust a bit to the front...so inconspicuous). Laying down definitly.

Adrian O'Brien

I liked 'baby on top'  When my son was small, we didn't have much room in our bed (we also had a 18m toddler) so he and I slept on the couch a lot.  My favorite way to nurse was slightly propped up with pillows, him lying on my stomach diagonally so his head proped slightly with my arm and to the side. It worked for us.  His chin was angled forward so his nose was up and throat was not compressed and I was lying in a position I could fall back asleep. He would nurse himself to sleep... but he kept nursing in his' sleep so it was great for milk production!

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