Kim Kardashian's First Post-Baby Interview Reveals Her Real Priorities as a Mom

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kim kardashianIt took a little over a month for the first photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's beautiful baby girl North West to come out, and now new momma Kim is finally speaking out about life as a family. In Kim Kardashian's first post-baby interview with London's Sunday Times Style supplement, she dishes all about her desire to look good for Kanye and how the celebriparents love to style their baby.

But the most eye-catching read? That Kim hasn't been as much of a loon about losing the baby weight as every single tabloid and gossip column has made her out to be. In fact, the new mom says that despite sticking to the Atkins Diet, she hasn't been working out a whole lot, and she'd rather be hanging out with North. 

Oh Kim, you're a fabulous mother already -- I can tell.

Here, let's take a closer look at what Kim told Sunday Times Style, shall we?

I haven't exercised a whole lot so far, just because I've been busy with the baby and I don't want to leave her. I still have some [baby weight] to go ... Atkins worked for me and I don't feel tempted to eat a bunch of junk food. It's just about staying healthy -- it will come off.

There it is, the key words: "It will come off." Now THAT is the right kind of mindset for a new mom to have. It's clear that even with the fame and everyone critiquing her appearance (which, um, HELLO -- do you see that photo up there? Momma looks goooood), she still has her priorities in order.

Altering your diet, that's one thing. But taking time away from a new baby to spend hours upon hours in the gym? That's another. Kim knows where she's supposed to be right now, back home with North, and wants to be there. These first few months are so crucial, bonding with a new baby is such an amazing, beautiful experience. I for one am glad to hear that Kim's appreciating it for all of its glory.

What were the things you really valued about the first few months with your child?


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nonmember avatar Allison

she's so full of it. Didn't she just attend Fashion Week? She was on a completely different continent than North! yeah, really good mom there.

Cleo07 Cleo07

Oh please...she left her 12 week old to go to Paris for Fashion Week! Those are not the actions of a devoted mother.

nonmember avatar Rina

She looks great.

Miriam Kennedy

Why would she not take her tiny infant with her to fashion week? That's wierd. 

hello... hellokd87

It's obvious that none of you have ever been to Europe or Fashion Week. Taking a newborn to a foreign country that's not even old enough for the vaccinations, yeah you're well informed mothers. And Fashion Week? Really? Unless Oshkosh is making a comeback, there's hardly a celeb that takes their kid, much less a NEWBORN to fashion week.

nonmember avatar Dawn

This made me laugh out loud! Did this author read the entire article?? The article was all about looking good for Kayne, feeling "devastated" by the attention on her weight, but yet she posts half naked pictures on social media? She leaves her infant to jet-set across the pond and yet we are supposed to think she is spending time with North instead of working out? I have a hard believing anything that comes out of her mouth!

nonmember avatar really now

You do know that she left her daughter for 5 days to go to another continent for fashion shows. Pretty sure she doesn't mind having the baby to go to the gym.....

nonmember avatar Me

What atkins doesnt get rid off, liposuction will lol

Katha... Katharine205

I agree with 'Me' if only Atkins could get rid of the Kardashians....

D.j. Lord

you expected her to say anything else?..

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