Mom Abandons Son After Botched Baby Stroller Burglary of Candy

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So there was this mom and a couple of her friends shopping at a drug store in the middle of the night with her 1-year-old son in his stroller. Using the stroller as cover, they attempted to steal $250 worth of candy. Forget stealing candy from a baby, this is stealing candy using a baby!

Oh but wait -- it gets worse. After Michelle Calderon, 23, filled her son’s stroller with more than $250 worth of candy, a worker tried to stop her and her friends from leaving without paying. She used the stroller as a battering ram against the employee, and ran away -- without her baby.

Oyza Oy. What must’ve been going through that mama’s head to leave her son behind? Something’s not right there, because most moms I know are fiercely protective of their children, especially the wee ones.

We might not ever know. Calderon was arrested last June for smuggling an envelope of cocaine into Riker’s Island, but was out on a $50 bail. Does that seem like a slap on the wrist for cocaine possession to anyone else?

Anyway, there was no mention of drugs in connection to this story -- just $179 worth of Halls throat drops, $59 worth of Wrigley’s gum, $43 worth of Dentyne, and $15 in Tic Tacs, according to the police. Maybe they had really, really bad breath. Halitosis is evil, you know.

Thankfully, Calderon and her friends Raymond Lebron, 20, and Darnell Johnson, 26, were caught and charged with robbery, abandonment of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the DA’s office.

Mama Calderon is now being held in Riker’s on $15,000 bail, which seems silly for candy when cocaine was only $50, but when you consider that she abandoned her child over some shoplifted Tic Tacs, it seems cheap.

The baby boy was last reported to be in child protective services. Here’s to hoping his mom gets her head on straight and realizing what matters -- him.

Is this the most nefarious use of a stroller you've heard of?

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Lucky... Luckysgirl665

What the?....I hope the baby is ok after being used as a battering ram. This is another fine example of idiots having kids when they shouldn't.

nonmember avatar Theresa

I have a friend who works in retail and this sort of thing has happened at their store multiple times. Mom tries to steal, store security approaches, Mom runs, baby gets turned over to police. It's crazy and sad.

Booth... Booth1017

I'm just confused as to why you would have your child out in the middle of the night for one. Not to mention the reason the child wasn't home in bed like he should have been but she decided to take her child on a shoplifting spree to steal candy of all things and then use the stroller that is holding your child to attack someone and then run off and leave your child behind. My questions are: 1. If you knew you were going on a shoplifting spree could you not have had one of the friends that was with you stay at home your child? 2. Why in the hell would you need $250 dollars worth of candy? If you were going to steal something shouldn't it at least be worth something of value if it was going to land you some jail time? 3. Was it really that hard to take 3 extra seconds to grab your child before you decided to run out of the store? 4. Did she even think about her child after abandoning him after being so selfish to take him out in the middle of the night to go on a shoplifting spree and assault someone? 5. What kind of friends do you have that would let you take your child knowing what you were planning to do and then let you leave your child behind when things went wrong and not grab the child if the mother wouldn't?

bpster bpster

I'll bet money if she voted she voted for obummer. That being said I hope she gets her crap together for the sake of that child. Here's a test people. If you can't feed yourself, you don't have at least two months of savings. YOU DON'T HAVE CHILDREN. Grow up do whatever it is you want to do without bringing children in this world. 

nonmember avatar Friend

This isn't the whole story, but not saying it makes it right. The baby is fine and that's what matters.

Allison Schmidt

bpster, i am appalled by your comment! and you took this completely off topic. stop bringing your political complaining onto a serious topic

Brain... BrainyMommy

bpster - Are  you just a troll or drunk?

Allis... AllisonWD

This does happen a lot. People think, "no one suspects the mom with a stroller." If you've ever worked retail, you've seen it. They're the people we watch the most.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Omg, this is too much! Sometimes I wish I could spend just like 20 minutes inside some peoples heads just to see how they function! But I think it would get scary at times....
This also reminds me of a scenario that happened just a few days ago. We were out with one of my friends and her kids halloween shopping and lunch date. A woman in the restaurant had an extremely violent filled shirt on that the young ones noticed right away. Another woman walks up to her, yells at her about her shirt, saying that it was offensive and she had to cut her lunch short cuz she didnt want her 6 year old exposed to such trash. The woman paid her bill and left. We got up to go back to the buffet, AND THE WOMANS CHILD WAS GETTING ANOTHER PLATE OF FOOD! SHE LEFT HER CHILD THERE!! The waitress was trying to chase the mother down. Meanwhile, the woman with the offensive shirt walked the child to her table and took care of her until her mother was found. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATER!!! Ironic how she was putting the other woman down, calling her the devil and other not-so-nice things, praised herself as a "perfect parent", and then leaves her child! I might be able to kind-of understand if she walked out for a minute before realizing, but 45 minutes? Wow.

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