Kate Middleton’s Godparent Choice Shows She Values Motherhood More Than Royal Rules

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kate middletonThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shocked the world recently when they revealed that a slew of ol' stuffy royals won't be Prince George's godparents. Three of Baby Cambridge's six godparents have been revealed already, and so far, Will and Kate are all about keepin' it real. In fact, I think the Duchess used those words exactly when asked why she and the Duke chose who they did.

JK. But a source has revealed why William and Kate decided to break tradition and go with old college and high school friends for George's godparents as opposed to people with royal titles, as tradition has always dictated. And, as you may suspect, you're about to fall harder in love with this doggone couple.

According to a source, the Duke and Duchess chose friends Fergus Boyd, Emilia d’Erlanger, Hugh van Cutsem, and Guy Pelly for the honorable roles because they want to give their son a sense of "normalcy and "stability." In other words, they don't want George to think the world stops at the gates of Kensington Palace. And they want to show him that it's relationships, not titles, that are important in life. I know. Just when you think you couldn't possibly be more obsessed with them ...

Before Kate gave birth, rumors abounded about how she and Will were planning on being more hands-on with their child than past royal parents, and how they intended on bucking a few royal traditions -- and man, have they delivered. Beyond their choice in godparents, the royal couple opted to have Michael Middleton, Kate's father, take their first official photo as a family; they moved into Kate's parents' home following the birth of George; they put off having a nanny as long as possible; and apparently the Middletons will be joining the royal family at Buckingham Palace this year for Christmas like one big, happy family. They really are making history with the way they're choosing to raise their son.

Sure, the media is completely obsessed with Kate and everything she does (me included), but it genuinely seems like she and Will are wonderful parents, who put their son first in every decision they make. Even if it means breaking a few dusty, old royal rules.

What do you think of Will and Kate's choice of godparents?


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nonmember avatar Valeree Vullo

I think that they are adorable and wise!

nonmember avatar Anna M Oliveira

I think your sister should be godmother and Prince Harry would make an excellent choice as the baby godfather it eould mean a lot.to him and that who close to your husband willarm.does william have a say. how about you pick the godmother and william pick the godfather

Marlene Ehn-McDonald

so very happy that you chose out of royalty .. he.yourlittle George.of course will still be royalty always .. just enjoy your family .theyare very special ..

Janet Hayes-Anderson

Princess Diana would be so proud of them both for trying to give their son a normal life as possible

Carol Bowers Errington

Good for them!  These people's parents are to be commended for raising such mature children who are not afraid to break with tradition but handle it with great maturity & wisdom.  I believe that was what Diana was trying to teach her boys.  While I feel Charles was such a bore I feel that especially after Diana's death, he became more involved in raising the boys...just goes to show that even with dysfunctional parents, children can mature into great adults.  So excited to see how little George grows & if he is also a little scamp as his father....actually hope we get to see pictures of him soon!

Janey Kunsman

Can you believe we still have beautiful, loving parents who know the value of raising a child with normalcy, even though they are royalty. Am I impressed & pleased. Thank you Lord for these 2 blessed people.

Cin Dez Page

Princess Di would be so, so proud!  I love Kate & Wills!  <3 <3 <3 You're going to be the best parents ever. May God's blessings be bountiful.


Darlene Sutton

Good for you two, raise your son your way, not the way Royal Tradition dictates. Diana would be so proud.

Peggy Finley

My daughter, who is happily married and 31 years old, is named after Princess Diana. That is how upset I was about what happened to Princess Diana and the way she was handled by the King and Queen throughout her entire relationship with "the royals". I can't help but feel Diana's spirit in all that Kate and William are doing with Prince George. May the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to amaze and astonish the world and May God Bless Them All.

nonmember avatar Eileen.E.Blyth.

I remember when the critics pulled Princess Diana to bits, when she and her 2 sons ran towards each other, after she and Prince Charles returned from their trip abroad. These stuffy people should go back into their boxes to live! At least H M The Queen, along with her wonderful husband and family, know the real world, even though they live in a palace. Our younger Royals are more relaxed, integrate more easily, and by the example of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, the general public have already taken this latest set of Royals to their hearts. As for Prince Harry--- read The Duke of Edinburgh's biography! You will see who Harry takes after!

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