The Newest Picture of North West Leaves a Lot to the Imagination (PHOTO)

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north westDon't get me wrong. I think North West is straight-up adorable. That baby rocks her swaddling and white furry rug like she was born to do it. Whenever I hear there's a new photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's spawn-ling, I go running toward the nearest Internets to see it. Usually this is not very far because I have an intelligent phone. But even as an avid baby-stalker (in a non-weird way), this latest pic proves that things are getting pretty ridiculous.

We have auntie Khloe Kardashian (don't you wish she was your aunt? Again I say that in a definitively non-creepy way) to thank for this latest snap. Khloe posted the artsy, black and white picture of her wee niece to her Instagram account. God bless Instagram and God bless Khloe Kardashian (... Odom, may it please the aforementioned deity).

In the picture Khloe shared (presumably with Mama Kardashian's approval), we see tiny North West's outstretched hand ... and nothing else. I mean, we get an idea of what her onesie looks like, but that's it. Sure, Khloe captioned the photo "NW" but that could just stand for "'Nother Womb-ling." She could have taken this picture while posing with a stranger's child at the mall. Which, honestly, would kind of delight me.

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This parceling out of the baby is getting kind silly. Sure, I'll coo at a photo of baby-fingers daily if presented with one (I smell calendar idea). This is because baby-fingers are one of the most coo-worthy sights on the planet. But this coy image of the kid dropping days after an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians all about protecting the new baby from prying eyes seems like a counter-intuitive concession to the public at large. Frankly, I expect more from the Kardashian Machine.

All that said, maybe Khloe has a future career as an artistic photographer in store for her. I can totally picture staring at a series of pics featuring just the limbs of strangers and feigning a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work than I actually have. It's decided. This must happen.

Do you think the photo of North is cute or ridiculous?


Image via Instagram

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japan... japanmommy

The fingers are blurry and watch is in focus

nonmember avatar mimikyaing

I love baby

Vinta... VintageWife

I want the time back that it took to read this :(

Lilit... Lilith.23

@vintagewife you killed me lmao

was thinking the same.

Nice baby fingers tho, she's a cutie

caral... caralicious

Am I the only person who doesnt think this baby is cute?


nonmember avatar MMM

All babies are cute and definitely precious. Nori will grow up w/tons of love and everything else that it brings. This little bebe has a huge family. She will always be safe and hopefully grow into a happy child. Normal folks do not bully OR hate on babies, infants, kids or children.

eevers55 eevers55

I think that watch is ridiculous

needa... needadvice1983

Why do people find this family fascinating?

Gretc... GretchenYoung

I think concentrate on the mothering side of things and forget about posting silly nonsense pics.

hopea... hopealways4019

@cara , no your not the only one. But maybe one day she will blossom into a beautiful lady? If not? Beauty is only skin deep.

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