Kate Middleton Used Prince George to Break a Major Royal Tradition

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kate middletonYou know how the holidays are extra stressful once you have a kid and don't live a stone's throw away from all your relatives? Where are we going for Thanksgiving? Should we stay home for Christmas? Gah, plane tickets are so expensive! Should we buy another seat for our 18-month-old, because you know he's gonna go bonkers once we're airborne? Kate Middleton totally gets it. And so does the Queen. So much so that royal tradition is rumored to be broken this year by having Kate's parents, and even Pippa and James, over to the ol' castle this Christmas.

According to a source, Carole and Michael Middleton have been invited to Sandringham for the holidays this year by Queen Elizabeth herself. "Kate is very close to her family. Any child’s first Christmas is not one any grandparent would want to miss. This year’s celebrations are set to be extra special after Prince George’s arrival."

Now that's just sweet as heck, now isn't it? What grandparent in their right mind would want to miss their first grandchild's very first Christmas? Michael and Carole would be crushed if they weren't able to see Prince George on Christmas Eve, all because of some antiquated tradition. And I'm sure Kate would have been heartbroken if she couldn't be with her family during the holidays, as well. We all know how close she is with her parents.

So, it looks like little Prince George is bringing everyone together this year! And that's no easy feat, since we all know how much royals like their traditions. Only someone this tiny and cute would be able to do this. Yay for royal traditions being broken! And yay for stress-free holidays!

How do you divide up your holidays?


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nonmember avatar Chase

Who is Kate Middleton and why was she allowed to get close Prince George to use him? You people in the media are horrible. The person you refer to as Kate Middleton is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge or Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. If you can't get it right, stop writing about her.

early... earlybird11

So I am up to date, is the tradition really to exclude people from their own family ?

nonmember avatar Andrea

So sweet of the Queen! We do the eves with his family that lives 45 minutes away and the holiday with my family since they only live 5 minutes away. We tried to do it the first year with our oldest of going to both places on the day of but that was way to crazy to much running for my daughter and I. Now 3 kids I couldn't imagine anything less. Might need to do a few changes next year.

Gabey... Gabeys_Mommy

I really love her. She seems so down to earth & sweet. Reminds me a lot of Princess Diana.

Mazie... Mazie0723

Last year we spent all holidays as a family we didn't go anywhere. I loved it. I hope we can do it this year also all of our family is an hour away and traveling with 6 kids is not fun.

hexxuss hexxuss

My Mum is too far away for the holidays, and my son's 'donor' abandoned his time with him over 4 years ago, so I only have to worry about myself & my son (although I try to send a care package to Mum every year =))  She's talking about getting a timeshare/condo down here for holidays though and THAT would be AMAZING!! I haven't spent a holiday with my Mum since in over 22 years.

nonmember avatar ann

who is she kate to throw demands she took the baby away the day after coming home from hospital. When. The other royals hadnt even meet this baby yet she is using this baby for a lot of gain in life

nonmember avatar JC

Andrea, from what I've read, the tradition is for the queen, her husband, kids, and grandkids only at their celebration, partly because the place is small-ish. Inviting her GIL's parents is a break from that.

Katherine D. Montgomery

really ann its her Baby - she can take him where-ever she wants
just saying maybe she wanted some quality time with the child SHE brought in to this world.

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