Common Crib Item Could Pose Unexpected Danger to Your Baby

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baby cribAre you a new mom? Need something else to worry about? Of course you don't! So I'm just going to get this one over with quick -- like ripping off the Band-Aid -- you need to go look at your baby's blankets. All of them. NOW!

A mom in Utah just had the scare of her life when her baby boy started crying, and she discovered he was choking! The stitching on Sashleigha Hansen's son's baby blanket had come loose, gotten 'round his neck, and was strangling the little guy!

Consider this is a warning, Mom.

This could happen to anyone!

Most of us tend to think about the suffocation danger that blankets present to babies, especially infants under 1 year, when the Department of Health stresses a "safe sleep environment" to prevent SIDS.

But even when a blanket no longer presents a suffocation hazard, or when a baby is swaddled, it turns out there are other hazards to be aware of. Any loose strings -- be it loose stitching or fraying fabric -- on the blanket can present a choking danger to a baby. And my pediatrician always told me to be aware of long strings that might wrap around my baby's fingers, cutting off the circulation.

Although on occasion companies will recall products because of this, most of us have homemade blankets someone's granny made for our kids ... meaning this is one safety precaution that is really on us moms (and dads) to control. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends parents "check periodically for loose threads or stitching which could cause gagging or choking."

I always found that a good rule of thumb is to examine blankets every time you remove them from the dryer because the washing machine can do damage to fabric, but I tended to wash my daughter's blankets pretty frequently. Checking just before you put the blanket ON baby might be even better for some parents.

Have you checked your baby's blankets to make sure they're safe?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

Maybe I am just a bit snarky today but isn't that just common sense?????

ktobin2 ktobin2

My mom just put us in warm sleep onsies and laid us down on our firm crib mattress. We had no blankets or stuffed animals and our crib was firm. My mom took no chances and I'll be doing the same.

nonmember avatar Gretta

No blankets here. Just warm sleepers.

retir... retirednavywife

Common sense tells you to check the blankets every time you use them.  If you see a string, cut if off or don't use it.

Merry Brown

Regardless of what these other perfect mothers think, anything can get frayed, even after you check it.  My son had a teddy bear that had a ribbon bow under it's chin.  It was short and couldn't easily be taken off so I didn't cut it off but somehow, my son frayed it and it got caught around his neck.  Luckily, he freaked and I was able to get it off of him.  Accidents happen, that's why they're called accidents.

Angela Hurst

Also, I was watching a friends infant when I noticed a small manufacturer sticker on his blanket. He could ave easily got it in his mouth and choked on it.  I don't think stores or manufacturers should put smll stickers on infant items.


nonmember avatar Stella

Sleepsack all the way! My baby is 17 months old and refuses to sleep without hers.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

I thought blankets in bed with babies were a no-no to begin with?  Or did that change in the last week and no one thought to tell me?

Elizabeth Flynn Baxter

I always just dressed my babies warm. Until they get about 2 years old they wont actually use the blanket anyway, it will just end up wadded up and become a hazard. Your home is probably not cold enough that your infant will be in any danger anyway. Might wake up a little chilly but it is better than not waking up. When my babies were really young they were in the bassinet by my bed, right were I could touch them. I would swaddle them until they looked like little burritos. But as soon as they got old enough and i moved them to the crib, no more blankets. My daughter did not get a pillow until 3 yrs old about the same time she started sleeping with stuffed animals. She just did not need those things before. I try putting a thin blanket on my 1yr old son and he freaks out. He will wake up shivering in the morning but happy as a clam. No need to freak out about parenting, just be aware and mindful. If your baby is waking up cold in the middle of the night turn on the heater.

Julie Heptinstall

I just co-sleep with my baby girl, i can hear her cry because she is right next to me, which means i could hear if shes choking also (never happens though) PS, you do not have to bed-share to co sleep.

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