Marina Krim Gives Birth One Year After Heartbreaking Murder of 2 Children

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baby footprintsTheir names became synonymous with a parents' worst nightmare when two of their three children were found dead in October of 2012, their nanny Yoselyn Ortega arrested for murder, but finally there's some happy news for Kevin and Marina Krim! They have a new baby! Marina has given birth to the couple's fourth child, a little boy!

The couple announced the arrival of the little guy just as they did their pregnancy -- on the wall of a Facebook page dedicated to the memories of daughter and son Lulu and Leo Krim, a foundation they created as part of their healing process. He arrived one year -- to the month -- after the Krims' tragedy, making October once again a joyous month for the family. 

The family statement reads:

From Marina and Kevin Krim -- We are very excited to share with you that Felix Harrison Krim, all 8 pounds, 10 ounces, and 21.5 inches of him, arrived today. Marina, Felix and all of us are healthy and happy. Thank you all so much for your support!

I'm a wordsmith by profession, but I'll be honest: I'm struggling to find the right words to express my happiness for this family. Babies represent everything that is good and pure and right in this world. As cliched as it might sound, they represent a new hope.

Felix will not replace his brother and sister. No one expects that -- least of all the Krims -- but he can help these two parents and their daughter, Nessie. He can bring joy back into their lives.

Congratulations to the Krim family!

What has YOUR baby brought into your life?


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nonmember avatar Dan Carver

Children are so easy to replace...

nonmember avatar Michelle

Damn Dan, that was extremely cruel and uncalled for. The author wrote a nice blog about the loss and gain of children this couple has had. All children should be celebrated, they have to mourn at the same time. A child can't replace another but they can't help ease the pain some.

nonmember avatar Ames

A year after the tragedy?!? That means they got pregnant right away! it would have taken me alot longer..if ever :(

lobus lobus

I.commend them. That must've been very hard. The best thing they could've done was give that little girl another sibling. The other children will never be replaced.

flood... flood1971

@ Dan- you are an A-hole. Maybe you are easy to replace? And @ Ames- who cares how long it took them?! Most marriages don't survive the death of a child, let alone two, whether due to fate or through violence. Good for them that they were able to stay together and safe what's left of their family! God bless them, they need some joy. And Dan, have your head examined. I think you have some screws loose.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Ames 3 months after the murders.

When do you feel its ok to have sex after a tragedy? Should they wait a year? Two?

bolto... boltofblue

No one has the right to judge this couple. Instead of pushing one another away after this tragedy, they obviously remained close, apparently very close one night. This child is not a replacement, but a fresh breathe of life. Congrats to them.

Blenderx Blenderx

Obviously you can never replace the children who were lost, but welcoming a new baby can be part of the healing process.  Little Felix is a precious gift to this family, who have faced an unspeakabl cruel tragedy with incredible strength and hope.  They're an inspiration.  Congrats to them.

nonmember avatar reesesmom

the whole point of comments is to put your opinion. That is too soon for another child! they should focus on the child they do have and help her instead of making more! weird

lobus lobus

And they are helping her by giving her a sibling. She's too young to process what really happened to her other siblings. 

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