Baby's Furry Best Friends Crawl With Him & It's Unbearably Adorable (VIDEO)

crawling baby and dogsReaders, Friday night is finally here, and you know what that means? Time to relax with a cute baby video, obviously! And I've got a bonus: Not just a baby, but two fluffy Alaskan Malamutes crawling together to boot. While baby Maple Syrup (his nickname) crawls, so do his canine companions, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy. Maple Syrup's mom calls them the "three plump sugary siblings." It's so sweet, I'm getting a cavity just writing this post. Get ready to go into diabetic shock, everyone. Here comes cute on 12 limbs.


Daww! What adorable companions this baby has. Brown Sugar and Rice Candy are so attached to Maple Syrup, they like following him around and imitating his movements. It's it such a gentle way for the two big dogs to play with their friend. Isn't amazing how animals respond to babies and children? I hope these three get to be together for a good long time. That's one lucky baby -- and two lucky dogs, too.

Did your pets make close friends with your babies?


Image via Kenji Chen/YouTube 

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