Vintage Gray Nursery Will Make New Moms Swoon With Delight

I am one who appreciates that fine line between comfort and style and loves it most when the two are blurred together, as in the case of this gorgeous nursery for baby Henry. It's about as pulled together and perfect as a nursery could be, just right for baby. And yet, I can't help but want to sit myself down in the corner and keep this room for myself, because it looks so plush and sophisticated! 

See more photos and details from this lush space below:


The oversized windows bathe the room in light and I have to say, I'm a big fan of the long curtains skimming the floor. Function and style, yes! 

The credenza turned changing table serves a dual purpose and was a (major) estate sale score. 

You can't see it in this photo but the arrows above this arrangement are attached to the wall with washi tape, so cool! I really love the artwork and special photos arranged here, and the triangle mobile really pulls everything together seamlessly.

I really dig the thoughtful details found throughout the room and appreciate the nod to old westerns and other fun, vintage inspired touches. 


I often find myself drawn to nurseries like this one with a more mature vibe and wonder if I'm not in the minority? Are you a fan of the more grown-up inspired space, or do you prefer a nursery with a definite childish feel? Do tell!

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