Government Shutdown Leaves Some Moms Without Baby Formula

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The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has stopped issuing vouchers for baby formula to families that rely on government assistance. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children has been drastically cut due to the government shutdown.

About 80 percent of the state’s WIC recipients had already received their vouchers and can redeem them through the end of the month, but moms like Chelsea Combs look to be out of luck. She hadn’t picked up her vouchers yet and now doesn’t know how she’s going to feed her baby past the two cans of formula she has in her cupboard at home.

Combs says she and her husband, a full-time worker for a builder supply company, will “eat more Ramen noodles or reach out to a private charity for help if the shutdown continues.” The 21-year-old nursing student says, "People who really do need help are getting it taken away because Congress can't come to an agreement."

When she posted about her plight on Facebook, someone responded that she should have gotten an abortion.

That person is an idiot and clearly doesn’t understand what parents will do to take care of their children. It absolutely sucks that the government has taken away the assistance that so many people have come to rely on, but I doubt any of them are wishing they’d had abortions instead of babies.

Just look at this mama who has already declared that she and her husband will do without to make sure their child is fed. When you’re a mom, Ramen noodles can be delicious if it means your baby isn’t going to starve today. You don’t even think about it -- you do what needs to be done.

If this government shutdown continues much longer, there are other resources available to people that need some help, and there’s no shame in it. Feeding America has several food banks all across North Carolina, and I’m sure countless local churches and charities have programs to help young families.

Moms are amazing, and you can be sure that if the government takes away formula for our babies, we’re going to find a way to feed them until the politicians can get their panties unbunched and make sure WIC is funded.

What would you be willing to sacrifice to keep your baby fed?

Image via Clinton Hussey/Corbis

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Heath... Heathp721

I sacrificed my dreams of finishing my degree and getting my dream job to work full time and raise my kids without government assistance. I believe in assisting people who are disabled and that temporarily are unexpectedly unemployed but I don't have sympathy in this situation. I would be atleast holding down a job to pay my own way while going to school. If you can't afford to do that or can't handle it then it's on you not my tax dollars.

nonmember avatar JNVVal

As a recent resident of NC I will be purchasing some formula and baby food and donating it to my local food bank. As americans we have an obligation to step up and help where we can if the government is too self centered to help when needed. I just got off WIC a year ago and do not know how I would have fed my child without it during my lean years...

danie... danielleapril

Yeah, our tax dollars are much better spent on private planes and thousand dollar "buisness" meals for senetors. I would rather 500 dollars goes to a family for a months worth of food than the 500 a person congress and senate spend in one night. Look at everywhere this country throws money away before complaining about public assistance.

nonmember avatar Stacy Carlson

I did it with my son when he was an infant. I worked days at a daycare so that he could be with me and I went to school part time nights. He would go to his fathers house while I was at school. I didnt make a lot of money and I routinely went without so that he never would have to. With my daughter i was married and in a better financial situation so it never was an issue. But I would do it again in a heartbeat for either of my kids.

miche... micheledo

I really wish moms wouldn't just rely on the government.  Make some calls.  MANY places will help.  Our local food bank has formula.  B.A.B.E. helps with formula in our area.  The crisis pregnancy centers help with formula.

Your baby won't starve.  Get creative.  Make calls.  Ask around.  

So what.  No formula from the government, but there are other places that will help!!

D.j. Lord

camp david still open..congress gym still open..47000 for a toy bull...but people are hurting...this could be paid for even with the shut down,..83% of government is still open...but both sides want hostages..

D.j. Lord

@micheledo..and rely on fathers!!  i know some cant but some do it by choice...

nonmember avatar MrsClark87

Ummmm, where do I start? U said urself, so many people rely on government assistance to feed their babies. That right there is a huge problem! They didn't have a back uplan because people think that our government is too big to shut down or fail and look what happened. My husband and I are young parents. We started our family at 18. Not once did I ever go to the government for help with my baby. We worked multiple jobs, went to school, did whatever we had to do to survive. It was not, and still not is the government's job to take care of my kids. Not trying to be a jerk, but if u can't afford formula, find an extra job to make more money. McDonald's is always hiring and there is no shame in making ur own way in an honest trade. I find it funny that people r getting so upset because they are not getting government freebies anymore. I completely understand thlight of the young mothers and young couples in this country. But I have to wake up and realize that ur children r ur responsibility. In most cases, no one forced u to have them. Why should my husband and I work multiple jobs to take care of our kids, only to have the government tax the crap out of our checks to pay for urs? I feel bad for the babies because they didn't ask to be here, and no they should not starve, but we have to start holding people responsible. I'm sorry, but it should not be a crisis if the government shuts down and u don't know how u r going to feed ur baby.

nonmember avatar mel

I agree the ideal is to be self sustaining. I think this shows people you can't keep relying on the govt. But I also know that as a society we make the choice to have these safety nets for a reason. People have to work the low income jobs, it keeps our society running as smooth as it is. With prices the way they are for the cost of living, those low income workers will never afford decent living without assistance. We make the sacrifice with tax dollars to have McDonald's and Walmart workers.

nonmember avatar sam

I'm sorry but if you can work but you can't afford to pay for food for your own kids, you shouldn't of had a kid!! I am sick of working for my tax money to go to people because they decide to have so many kids and mooch off the goverment! I wish they would get rid of all of it!

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