'Teen Mom' Breastfeeds on Camera & Doesn’t Care What the Haters Think

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katie teen mom 3It's crazy to think people still have a problem with breastfeeding, but apparently we still have some edjumacating to do. Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager got hated on for breastfeeding her baby Molli on the show -- and she thinks that's nutty. "Someone told me that it was disgusting that I breastfed my daughter. I just looked at her and was like ... OK." Wow, how rude! But good for Katie for standing up for herself and her choice to breastfeed. She has the power to change a lot of minds.

Katie continues, "I was like excuse me, but what I do with my boobs is my priority." I think we all know what she means: Her body, her choice, her business. But it's not just about that -- Katie is also raising awareness of breastfeeding as something NORMAL and healthy, not something you have to hide.

I don't know if Katie's hater was disgusted by breastfeeding on TV or just breastfeeding in general -- probably both. Regardless, that person is clearly an ignorant boob. And for every ignorant boob who thinks breastfeeding is disgusting, there are many other young women who may just be conflicted about it. Seeing Katie could sway them toward nursing their own babies someday.

It's great that Katie was comfortable breastfeeding on camera -- she could have insisted on doing that only off-screen, privately. But she didn't, because for her it's just part of parenting.

When you think about it, Katie didn't even need to volunteer that little anecdote on the show. I'm sure she had plenty of other things to talk about. But she did, and I'm glad. For all the lectures and information people get, I bet seeing someone on Teen Mom do it, and defend it, could have an even greater impact.

Do you think someone on Teen Mom could change people's minds about breastfeeding?


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Winter Foster

So if we dont breastfeed, or like watching someone do it we are ignorant? WOW you are so mature!!

Whitney Hempsey

No, if you don't bf or want to see it you keep your mouth shut and look the other way.  It's the comments about it being disgusting that are ignorant!

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I didnt breastfeed, I don't think breastfeeding is disgusting but I think women should cover up in public because not everybody wants to see that... Including me

jrphelps jrphelps

Way to go Katie!  So many more people are proud of you than the haters.  My little sister is 11 years younger than me & we have kids 4 months apart.  She was a teen mom & also chose to breast feed (as did I but I was 29).  She got a lot of flack from her friends who just didn't get it.  I was proud of her!  She had all the family support she needed. 

Guess what??  A baby's needs & nutrition trump you being uncomfortable.  Just look the other way.  It's as easy as that!  Do you cover your baby's head when you give it a bottle?  I didn't think so!

nonmember avatar Jenna

Winter & lovemysons there is nothing unnatural about breastfeeding, it is the most natural thing a woman can do with her body. Being adverse to that fact is ignorant.

People need to grow up. If you don't like it look away. If its the mum that feels uncomfortable then she will cover up. That's her choice, not everyone else's. Good on you Katie! Shows that even young mothers still have the power to do what they feel is needed for their baby. She is feeding her growing baby. That's an amazing feat for public television too.

Let the haters hate. It's annoying you more than the people who aren't bothered by boobs.

nonmember avatar P

She DOES cover up on the show. For a bit, I really did wonder if she was breastfeeding - not sure what else I thought she was doing - but can the author please edit the article to reflect that? The "hater" was offended by even covered breastfeeding, which is completely ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Kristina Hoffer

I have breastfed my daughter since day one and I'm constantly getting looked at when I do it... I have to tell ppl to mind there own business and keep on walking... Its not a bad thing its a good thing I don't know what's wrong with everyone but its annoying...

Movie... Moviebuff

What do all these bf moms always feel the need to cry poor me get over yourself not everybody likes it so what no need to get your panties in a bunch.

Meagan Kearney

Well I feel there is always a better place to breastfeed instead of in public.. but I also feel if you don't like it then don't look why are you staring anyways she at least covers her self so she not exposed that's better then just popping out your boob to feed your child seeing everything she covers up

Twitc... Twitchazel18

I think she is doing something wonderful. I wasn't able to breastfeed my children so I say if you can and you want to, do it. She covered herself in all the episodes I ever watched. I don't understand why other women get uncomfortable with something our bodies were designed to do. If you don't want to bf that's your choice but I think you should show support to the women who choose to do it.

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