Help for Constipated Babies

prune juice

The only thing worse than when your baby poops a lot is when she doesn't poop at all. My daughter once went for four whole days without pooping and I was in a panic, but my pediatrician said it wasn't a medical emergency and not to worry. Not worry? But I'm a Baby Mama!


Denswife was worried about her two-month-old daughter who had gone about three days without pooping so she sought advice on CafeMom. Here's what the moms there had to say.

"My pediatrician suggested watered-down prune juice when she was 2 months and was constipated--1 ounce juice to 2 ounces of water," says coala.

"Try taking her temperature with a rectal thermometer," says sweetphoenix529.

"My best friend had that problem with his son and his doc told him to put a little Vaseline on a Q-tip and insert it you can guess where," says esr. "He said it worked great, and that you should get out of the way ASAP after putting it in because the results come quick."

"If your baby is exclusively breastfed, it is normal and safe for them to go up to 10 days without a bowel movement, as long as the end result is not hard, dry or pellet-like," says Krysta622.

Has your baby ever been constipated? What did you do?


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