6 Creative Halloween Costumes for Babywearing Mamas (PHOTOS)

babywearing costumeBaby's first Halloween. It might be better than baby's first Christmas or, heck, even their birthday. Babies in costumes are literally too cute for words. But what do you do when when you want to head out with them on Halloween and they're still in the sling? You can't ... center your and baby's costumes around a sling, can you?

Of course you can! Here are 6 awesome costumes for babywearing parents!

Image via Jason Smith/YouTube

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trini... trinity899

Cute costumes.  However, I did not appreciate the automatic jump to a gallery of "nip slips" when the slideshow ended.  Ew.

Bethany Hall

Sad about the baby Bjorns. They are not good carriers and there are better ones out for the same price. Please do the research on hip safe carriers for baby!


nonmember avatar Samantha

All cute and creative costumes. My favorite is the Aliens robot.

Note: Please refer to the Pokémon trainer as MISTY, and in the series, her baby Pokémon is TOGEPI. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080909132342/es.pokemon/images/f/ff/Togepi.png

She would also need to temporarily color her hair red to finish off the look, and for Togepi, you could get a white sling and put the shapes on the egg with colored duct tape and put a star-shaped cap on the baby's head and paint a pacifier to look like a pokéball.

She could also dress as Pikachu as there are Kigurumis (aka full-body plush suits)

She could also dress as Ash.

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