Rachel Leigh Cook Gives Her Baby Girl an Unpopular, Un-Celebrity Sounding Name

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Rachel Leigh Cook Daniel GilliesIt's an old joke by now: Celebrities picking baby names so weirdly unique that no other parents in the entire world would want it for their kid. That's why it's always so refreshing when a celebrity picks a "normal" name for a their baby, something that the rest of us wouldn't be embarrassed to name our own children.

Rachel Leigh Cook, the 34-year-old Perception actress who will be starring on The Vampire Diaries this fall, gave birth to a baby girl with her actor husband 37-year-old Daniel Gillies last Saturday, but they were holding back on naming names. But now they have. And it's ....


It's Charlotte Easton Gillies!

Those six syllables just flow off the tongue perfectly, don't they? Charlotte Easton Gillies does not sound uppity celebrity at all. Charlotte Gillies sounds like someone we went to Girl Scouts with. Someone classy yet down-to-earth at the same time.

You can't go wrong with Charlotte, no matter how popular it is (it's actually on the decline in recent years). You can adjust it depending on your child's personality. You call her "Char." You can call her "Charlie." You can call her "Lottie." Or you can just call her Charlotte for goodness sakes!

Charlotte was really popular in the early 2000s, but has now fallen to #19 -- and is falling even more. What girl names are at the top? Sophia, Emma and Isabella.

But we're still kinda partial to Charlotte ;)

Do you like the name Charlotte?

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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

very cute.  It's one i got on my list as well


nonmember avatar Anne

It's a very pretty name, but...

#19 on the most popular names list is by no means "unpopular". That's thousands of baby girls with that name born in the last year.

Also, I don't know where the heck you got the totally incorrect claim that the name "Charlotte" is getting less popular. Quite the contrary, it is getting much more popular. (Do you just make things up because you feel like it?) Here's the ranking for Charlotte since 2000, direct from Social Security (http://www.socialsecurity.gov/oact/babynames):

Popularity of the female name Charlotte
Year of birth – Rank
2012 – 19
2011 – 27
2010 – 45
2009 – 68
2008 – 87
2007 – 101
2006 – 125
2005 – 135
2004 – 170
2003 – 182
2002 – 204
2001 – 230
2000 – 289

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Charlotte became even more popular with Good Luck Charlie

nonmember avatar Gretta

OMG please no Charlie for a girl!

laris... larissalarie

I think Charlotte is an adorable name.

How on earth is the 19th most popular girls name "unpopular" though?!

I thought my kids names were too popular ranking between #50-#150!

Todd Vrancic

The question is does the mother and father like it as a name.

nonmember avatar night magic

i love this name so sweet

Dennis-Denise Jackson

I think East is so not to be outdone by just the North West. Maybe next we will hear of Far East

easto... eastonbennett

Love love love her name! My oldest son is named Easton!

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