Is Prince George's Nanny Too 'Old' for the Job?

Kate MiddletonThere is no doubt that little Prince George is going to get the best of everything. The best place to live and vacation. The best schooling. So it's no wonder that when it came to the person who would be most important in his young life -- besides Kate Middleton and Prince William, of course -- she would have to be the BEST. That's why the royal pair turned to William's own nanny, 71-year-old Jessie Webb, when they went nanny hunting. At first, says royal biographer Katie Nicholl, the couple were reluctant to hire a maternity nurse or nanny, as they wanted to keep everything in the family. Kate's mother, Carole, was the prime person they turned to when they needed a little downtime.


But as George got a little older, and the pair began taking on more royal duties, they realized -- like a lot of parents do -- that they needed some help. But who do you turn to when you're dealing with the future King of Britain?

First off, you've got to have someone you can trust. Trust absolutely and positively. Someone who won't be gossiping to the tabs, or sneaking out pics of the prince, or any of that nonsense.

Second, you've got to have someone who would understand all of the royal procedures and protocol. As Katie Nicholl says:

They wanted someone they could trust, someone with experience raising a royal baby. Because the nursery of the royal palace is different than any other nursery.

Hmm. I wonder what that means. How is it different, exactly? Maybe there are security buttons in the walls? Constant surveillance cameras capturing George's blinks and bawls from 40 different angles? What? Unfortunately, she doesn't elaborate, so we'll have to use our imaginations. But Jessie must be familiar with all of it.

It must have helped Jessie nail the job that she never tattled about the royals in all of these years. Proves she can keep her mouth shut.

Plus, she's got decades of experience. No putting a price on that.

But will she have the energy for the job? Sheesh, most people don't want to be anywhere near a baby in their 40s, let alone their 70s! At least not for more than an hour or two.

And what about her health? You've got to be robust and hardy to deal with late night feedings and a squalling infant. Even Prince William said it was tiring him out. And what of when George starts crawling and then zipping all over the place the way toddlers do?

But I'm sure the pair wouldn't have offered her the job if they didn't feel totally confident in her abilities. But I suspect that, before long, the help might have some help too.

Do you think 71 years old is too old to be a nanny?

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