Military Wife Gets Sweet Surprise After Going Through 23 Hours of Labor

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Military husband surprises wife in hospitalThere's nothing more beautiful for two parents to share than the birth of a child. For many soldiers' families, childbirth is all too commonly something that military spouses have to do on their own while Dad is deployed, serving his country halfway across the world wishing he was there for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Justin Bradley, an airman in the U.S. Air Force, didn't want his wife to be alone even if her birth plan didn't include him in it. The lucky woman had no clue that her husband was on his way to surprise her as she went into labor. Twenty-three hours of grueling labor later, he walked in just before their first child was born. His wife's reaction is one of purely grateful emotion and overwhelming joy (as expected from a woman who's been in under such pressure for so long), proving that Justin's trip home is a surprise that this family will never, never forget.

Watch Justin's surprise, here:

Congrats to the lucky family!

Are you a military spouse? Have you had a child while your husband was deployed?


Image via Justin Bradley/YouTube

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lobus lobus

My husband was 30 minutes away from base at an essential training course and while I was getting my epidural he called to tell me they wouldn't release him. I had been preparing for the possibility and didn't think I'd mind, but when it was confirmed it hit me like a ton of bricks. And I couldn't move because there was a needle in my spine. But then a couple hours later, literally an hour before I started pushing, he called to tell me he was on his way and came in with his stinky uniform straight from the field. :) It was wonderful.

nonmember avatar Charli Herrera

I have had all 5 of my babies with my husband on deployment you would think that we would plan babies a little better but with the military I guess you can NEVER plan with 100% certainty

Angela Seginak

my husband was due to leave the same day my youngest was born. He left that night but he got to see pictures of the baby before he took his flight. The military wouldn't let us do the webcam because he was suppose to leave at anytime that day.

japan... japanmommy

Almost, my husband got home from Japan the day before my daughter was born

nonmember avatar jennifer

my husband was deployed to africa when our second son was born, he was able to see him via skype. it was so hard not having him there with me but luckily i had my mom with me the whole time.

nonmember avatar Mommaof5

You can never plan for certain what is going to happen as a military family. What a blessing he was able to get there :)
My husband has missed 4 out of 5, the first one he wasn't in the military yet, but everyone after that he missed by mere days or minutes. Our 2nd he was suppose to come home a week before she was due but she decided to come a little early and she was 3 days old when he got home for 2 weeks of leave. Our 3rd he deployed and 3 days after he left she was born. Our 4th the kids and I got evacuated from Japan and the baby was born a little over 24 hours after I landed at my final destination and was 6 1/2 weeks early. Our 5th and final child the midwife at the hospital we were at kicked him out of the room because visiting hours were over and he didn't even have time to hit the parking lot and our little one was in my arms, it was a very heartbreaking thing for us since we were so excited that he was finally in the same country let alone the same city.

Jennifer Yeatts McCready

I had a 4 month old when my husband deployed during 9/11. It was one of the most scariest moment of my life.
Thank you to all families and service members for your sacrifices.

katamike katamike

This made me cry :( We are not a military family, but I have so much respect for them. Wow, that would have to be the best feeling in the world for them both :)

Vicky O'Sullivan Myers

With my first my husband was deployed for 15 months right in the beging of my pregnacy  but was able to get there a day after my son was born and then didn't come back til he was shy of a 1 yrs old. Then with my second we where stationed in Korea he was there for that him. and then my third was born in korea also but he wasn't there for him becuase the doctor wouldn't let him in because of my other two boy's. and then by my fourth also born in Korea he was there for Her thanks to some friends. It's hard with a husband in the military but i wouldn't have it any other way.

nonmember avatar ashleigh

I'm six weeks away from doing the same thing. I don't have family in the area either so it'll just be me and the doctors. I'm terrified and disappointed and angry he can't be with us. We tried so hard for so long that its devastating that he wont be able to experience the birth of his first child. And all these special homecoming surprises are almost always for show. Its almost impossible for them to get time off for important events like this. I can't decide if I'm more upset that he won't be there for the birth itself or that he's going to miss the extra special time when she's still so new and tiny...

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