Baby Born With Organs Outside Body Can Now Lead Normal Life (VIDEO)

Poor little Hayden Hoskins was an adorable baby -- except for one devastating thing. He was born with many of his organs outside of his body. His extremely rare defect, known as omphalocele, causes a hernia to rupture the growing fetus, and organs migrate to start growing outside of the body with a thin layer of tissue covering them. His parents didn't find out about his defect until the 19th week of pregnancy.


Hayden was born appearing perfectly beautiful -- except for the fact that his intestines, stomach, and liver had all formed on the outside of his body. You can only imagine what his parents went through.

Fortunately, there is surgery for Hayden's condition. Originally, doctors wanted to wait until the boy was a year old to put his organs back inside his body. But they decided to do it recently. Hayden was born in February.

And the surgery was a fabulous success! His surgeon at St. Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri, Dr. Kathy Asbury, told KHQA:

He's doing fantastic. He's rolling over. He has great head control.

I can't imagine the pain and worry these parents have been going through -- you never expect something like when your child is born. Although the defect is extremely rare, it happens one out of every 10,000 births. Which, if you ask me, isn't rare enough! If you remember Audrina Cardenas, she was born with her heart outside of her little body.

But thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, Hayden is now going to live a long and normal life.

Had you ever heard of this?


Image via KHQATV/YouTube

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