Santa is One Scary Dude

We just got back from a nice brunch with Santa. It was my baby's first time meeting him, and I wasn't sure how she was going to react, but she's usually very friendly and happy. I had been showing her Santa pictures all week and saying "ho, ho, ho," and she seemed to like him a lot. But today she took one look at the real Santa and burst into tears. Uh-oh. That's the moment captured on camera, which is still pretty adorable.


Still, I'm wondering what upset her. She knows lots of men, and men with beards, and men with beards and glasses. But come to think of it, she doesn't know any men with beards and glasses in red velvet suits. Must have been the suit! Actually, I'm chalking it up to lack of a nap. But if your baby is afraid of Santa, and you're wondering why and how you should handle his or her fear, Cafe Cynthia has expert advice in the Toddler Buzz's Scared of Santa.

I'd still like to get a photo of my baby smiling in Santa's lap so maybe we'll try again at the mall this week.

Has your baby met Santa yet? How did he or she react?

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