'Today' Show Correspondent Does Public Breastfeeding Experiment & Gets Surprising Reactions (VIDEO)

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Jenna Wolfe

After giving birth to her daughter Harper five weeks ago, Today correspondent Jenna Wolfe decided to breastfeed her in public in various places with a hidden camera in tow -- simply for the sake of seeing how people reacted to it.

She visited a bunch of different venues in New York City, including the Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz, an upscale department store, and also the Apple Store. The results of her little experiment were actually pretty surprising.

Take a look at this video to see what happened when Jenna put public breastfeeding to the test.

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Wow. Isn't it amazing how no one really seemed to care, let alone notice that she was breastfeeding her baby right there in plain sight? With how many stories you hear these days about moms who have been shamed for nursing without a cover, it wouldn't have been a shock if Jenna had been approached by people telling her to move to another location to feed her child.

And yes, I know the Apple Store employee did ask her if she wanted to move to a more private area, but she almost seemed to be offering Jenna assistance in case she was uncomfortable breastfeeding right there in the middle of the store. She didn't seem to be bothered by what was going on, just concerned -- or at least that's how I perceived her tone to be.

Even though Jenna was initially a little bit nervous about breastfeeding in the open in all those different places, maybe seeing this footage will offer hope and come as a relief to other breastfeeding moms who want to be able to nurse wherever and whenever they please without worrying about what other people will think. If nobody bothered Jenna, maybe the "issue" of breastfeeding in public really isn't as big of a deal to the majority of the population as we think, which is definitely a step in the right direction for moms.

What kind of reactions do you usually get from people when you breastfeed in public?


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Coles... Coles_mom

I have breastfed for almost 7 years with my kids. My youngest has maybe a year left....and I have not ONCE breastfed in public. I feed my kids when they're hungry, but I don't believe that requires me to do it publicly. I think breastfeeding is amazing and natural. I just like to be comfortable and be in my own home or car. My husband hasn't ever seen me do it- and again-- I've been full time for 7 years.

miche... micheledo

Coles-mom - how does your husband NEVER see you breastfeed??  With a newborn, it is constant.  Every hour or so those first few weeks.  Does he just leave the room?  

I thought the video was great.  It shows how 'modest' a mom can be without a cover.  So many assume you are simply pulling your breast out and exposing it to the world when you nurse without a cover.  The fact is, the majority of us aren't even noticeably nursing!

schlis schlis

I prefer to use a cover, but if I forget one, and my baby is hungry, I'll find a nice quiet spot and nurse him. I've only hard a bit of trouble once. I was at Target (in The Woodland, Tx) and he got hungry (we were shopping longer than planned). I went to the eating area and sat in the back. Everything was covered, I had a nursing tank on, and a shirt over it. Oh, and there were no other customers around. Suddeny I heard the workers behind the counter talking very loudly about the woman who was breastfeeding in the open. Everytime they said the word 'breastfeeding', they shouted it. It was really bizarre. I wasn't even young, immature kids. It was a bunch of grown women. This went on for about 10 minutes, until he was done eating and we left.

Coles... Coles_mom

I don't have a newborn anymore. My youngest is now a year old. My husband is usually gone 12 hours a day and then I'm typically comfy in my part of the house and if we're in the same room and I need to feed- I go back into my room or the kiddo's room. I'm modest and uncomfortable with doing that in front of people.

Princ... PrincessGemini

I quit breastfeeding my oldest after only 3 weeks, it is one of my biggest regrets. I wish I had toughed it out. But my youngest was exclusively breastfeed for 12 months and still nurses quite often and he is 21 months. But he was 6 months old before I ever got up the nerve to nurse in public without a cover. I had forgotten to pack his cover in the diaper bag, although not that it would have helped much if I had brought it because he had gotten to the point where he would squirm and kick until I took it off, which also meant cutting our nursing sessions short because I just wasn't comfortable nursing without a cover. I was in the laundromat waiting for my laundry to finish and he was getting restless so I decided then and there that I was just going to nurse him. I mentally prepared myself for the looks and/or comments I was sure I was going to get, but nobody even gave me a second look. Its like nobody even noticed or cared what I was doing. I haven't used a cover since, and if I ever have another I will skip the cover altogether.

ILove... ILovemyPaulie

Wow isn't it amazing how nice people really are in NY!? We are really kind people here!

nonmember avatar megmitch

That's because she did it in NYC. 1. No one cares what you do here. You could be naked and juggling flaming cats and people would just keep walking. 2. No one messes with NYers. Srsly, because if you DO say something to someone, you run the risk of being not-so-politely told to mind your own effin' business. 3. People know their rights, and know that if they mess with a breastfeeding mom they run the risk of an angry mob of mommas doing a breast-in, or whatever you call a group of nursing women en masse. Only in New York...

nonmember avatar megmitch

Mary--I'm surprised that you're not shocked about this. Apparently it's okay for someone to breastfeed in a toy store, but if they were to do it at a pool or a kid's soccer game that wouldn't be, right?

B1Bomber B1Bomber

The way vast majority of people don't even notice breastfeeding women, and of the ones who do notice, most don't care.

I nursed in all kinds of public places, without a cover, and the only comment I ever got was "I miss those days. Wait, no, actually, I like having my small boobs back."  :)

nonmember avatar blue

The idiots will ALWAYS be louder. The few that publicly shame, will be in the news. The vast majority of people don't notice or don't care when they do. Crazy people want you to think there is a war against breastfeeding mothers and it's absolutely ridiculous.

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