J.Crew Baby Line Gives Parents the Chance to Waste Their Money in Style

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J. Crew baby sweaterSigh. Soooo, J.Crew has introduced a baby line, and now I don't know whether to laugh, groan, or cry over the thought that there are some parents who are actually going to pick up this ridiculously expensive stuff for their kids.

Before I go any further, I'd like to go ahead and put it out there that I'm a huge J.Crew fan, and I can't deny that the baby stuff is pretty freakin' adorable. And if I had an infant, I might even been stupid enough tempted to pick up a cute piece or two for "special occasions."

But while a few of the items in the line aren't that overpriced and might be justified as purchases for a generous gift or small mommy splurge -- what in the hell is a baby supposed to do with a $145 cashmere sweater?!?

Or how about a $198 cashmere blanket?

Yes, I said cashmere. (Twice.) For a baby. And even though cashmere is all sorts of soft, cuddly, and awesome -- I can't help but wonder if the nice folks at J.Crew have ever attempted to get strained peas out of it. Or possibly spit-up? Or even poop? (Yes, I went there. We're talking about babies wearing cashmere, for crying out loud.)

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I mean, I know we love our kids and they deserve the best of everything and all that jazz. But I can promise you that an infant doesn't know the difference between cashmere and cotton. That's why smart parents stick to buying baby clothes at retailers like Target, Carter's, Old Navy, Gap -- you know, so they aren't forced to take on a second job just to afford their kid's wardrobe.

And yes, I know there are plenty of moms and dads out there who make oodles of money and have never heard the word budget (like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). But even if you do have an unlimited bank account, it still seems like such a waste to spend your hard earned cash on something as frivolous as baby cashmere.

Instead, parents need to resist the urge to have the best dressed baby in town, suck it up, and put the money into a college fund instead. At least that way, if their cash winds up being wasted, it's done over a four-year period, which is way less painful and easier to accept than a sweater that's worn for all of about 10 minutes.

Would you buy anything from this line for your baby?


Image via J.Crew

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amazz... amazzonia

Maybe there are some parents who have money and they don't want to dress their kids in the same exact clothes as every other kid, and the appreciate QUALITY vs QUANTITY 

LAC2008 LAC2008

i think for special occasions or a gift it isnt ridiculous. Also, if you have the means to buy that stuff then go for it, who cares?? I personally wouldnt do it but I dont care of other people do. To each his own. Now if you are buying cashmere baby clothes and not paying your bills, that is a different story..

Steph Carton

I got my then 2 yo a cashmire cardigan from the kids line for our Christmas photo.


Secondhand.  For $6.


So, yes, people out there:  PLLEEEEAAAASSSSE go out and buy all those cute clothes, never wear them (or wear them once) and then sell them at yardsales when your kids outgrow them! 

nonmember avatar NoWay

I wouln't even consider spending that much on a sweater for myself, let alone a baby who will likely ruin it after one wear. I hate spending more than $25 on a shirt. Yes, I am that cheap!

momav... momavanessa

Those prices are ridiculous!! You can get quality clothes for  low prices! We shop outlet malls all the time and most of the clothes we get our sons are 50%+ off regular price! Just got them a new Gap sweater for 15 bucks each!

Todd Vrancic

What is a baby GOING to do with a cashmere sweater?  Spit up on it.  Did you really have to ask?

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I've bought things from their kids line. It's quite reasonable if you shop the clearance rack at the outlet. I bought my baby girl a tank top there for $6 this summer, same price as Target or Carter's would be but far better quality. 

Courtney Alexia Rochester

! love to buy my son expensive clothing i just spend $22 on an outfit not that long about! I also buy Paul Mitchel's Hair products for his hair he is almost 2 and has really curly hair and i say my son deserves the best but i'll also go to a second hand store and get him name brand clothes so i save money and spend money!!!

I say do as you please if you want to spend that much go ahead my son has had cashmere clothes before and i must say he likes it and looked darn cute in it too

Rony Lmfao

No. There's no point.

nonmember avatar Erika

I'm sorry but I'm one of those moms that does splurge on my children's clothes. I really don't feel comfortable buying second hand and I try to look for bargains on brand name clothes whenever possible. My husband and I have worked hard to have the means to afford good high end quality clothes for my children and this is something I enjoy doing for them.

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