5 Parenting Trends I'm Thankful I Escaped

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I often look at my friends who have babies with envy. It seems like there's so much more for them than there was for me, just a decade ago. I mean, mustache pacifiers, really? I contemplate having a baby just so I can own one of those, and I'm not even kidding. And those faux shoe-socks or ballet flat socks? I think I missed them by a year. So close.

But then there are the other things, the trends and expectations that I'm forever grateful to have escaped because there's no way I could have succeeded at them. Stuff like these:

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1. Pregnancy photos.would like a bit more proof that I actually carried my children. (In photograph form, I mean. Of course I have the stretch marks to remind me.) But the week by week and month and month photos? Way too much pressure, thank you very much.

2. Pregnancy announcements. My idea of a pregnancy announcement? Puking my guts out in front of everyone in my life.

3. Gender reveal productions. I revealed the gender of my kids with a quick scan of the ultrasound picture along with the word "penis" or "vagina" hastily written on. Now there are cakes which announce the baby upon slicing open and boxes that release pink or blue balloons when opened. Who has time for that? 

4. Creative baby announcements. I did send out announcements, but they consisted of a piece of paper with the baby's name and birth date. Announcements these days are works of art. In a new mom's sleep deprived state, that's simply too much to expect.

5. Pregnancy/new baby photos. The thought of having to come home from the hospital and take a picture of myself as a new mom to compare to myself as a pregnant person, while still looking pregnant? Never!

Pregnancy and new motherhood are tough enough with the pressure of Pinterest and Facebook to capture or create the best parts of them, aren't they? At least they were for me.

Any trends you're glad you missed out on?

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Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

I'm not sure how you escaped pregnancy photos, those have been going on forever. My mom has a set from when she was pregnant with me 25 years ago. 

nonmember avatar Mama

I'm glad I missed the "gender reveal" party. Do we really need to celebrate everything? Ugh.

Emily Lynch

Kind of hard for our last one to have a gender reveal party when we chose to not find out. It was instead called giving birth. It was just 3 weeks ago.

the4m... the4mutts

Idk, I had a baby right when a lot of stupid trends were taking place. I just chose not to participate. Seems simple to me.

LAC2008 LAC2008

HA! I love #2 on this list, that was definitely my announcement!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Haha @ Emily Lynch. Same for me. The gender reveal was when the baby came out and we saw what was between the legs. :) (Both boys for me!)

DanaG70 DanaG70

Push present.

That is all.

femal... femaleMIKE

I didn't participate in any trend. Someone gave me the sock sneaker as a gift.  They suck and kept on falling off.  I chose to use the plain white long socks that stay on.  Even if my baby liked the paci, I would have skipped out on the mustache paci.

Knitt... KnittyTina

I had my first 8 years ago and missed out on this stuff, and last year I gave birth and I really really wanted to send out cute birth announcements, which I did because the hospital provided an actual photographer to come take pics in the room.  They were amazing (and it was super convienent because we didn't have to make a trip to a studio or set up anything at home).  When I got home I fiddled with the pics online, chose my options, and ordered them.   My mom got one and was "disappointed" in them because I didn't put my older daughter's name on it!  I put the new baby's name and mine and my husbands.  WTF, I didn't KNOW I was supposed to put everyone name's on it!  Leave it to me to screw it up.

Belinda Lubin

I didn't realize celebrating pregnancy and the birth of your child were considered trendy. I did #1, 2, and 5 and I know people who did #3 and 4. I really don't see the issue. If you're not interested, don't do it. Otherwise, what's the harm?

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