Baby Girl Is Born With 2 Bottom Teeth

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baby teethA mom in the U.K. got the shock of her life earlier this month when her baby girl was born with two bottom teeth.

Vicki Griffiths says her husband Steven was the one who first spotted the chompers on their newborn, Eva Faith. After they both had a good laugh about it, she decided her original plan of breastfeeding her just wasn't going to work. (Can you blame her? Yikes.)

Of all the things you expect to see on your newborn, teeth are probably at the bottom of the list for most parents. Heck, my own kid didn't cut his first tooth until he was 11 1/2 months old, so I can't even begin to imagine my reaction had they been present from day one!

But believe it or not this phenomenon, which is known as "natal teeth," occurs in one out of every 2,000 to 3,000 babies. (That's more than you'd think, right?)

More often than not, the teeth are found on the baby's lower gum, as was the case with little Eva. And usually they are not well formed, and they typically have to be removed before the child leaves the hospital to prevent him/her inhaling one of them if they happen to be loose. (Scary.)

And it's not uncommon for natal teeth to either hurt the baby's tongue while breastfeeding or be uncomfortable for the mother, so it sounds like Vicki is definitely justified in her decision to go the bottle feeding route instead. (Why take that risk? Wouldn't you feel horrible if your baby bit her tongue while trying to eat? Poor thing.)

You have to admit -- even though it's not something anyone expects, seeing a newborn with two tiny little teeth is pretty darn irresistible. And at least her parents have a decent chance of missing a small fraction of the teething phase, which is a huge plus. (Every early tooth helps.) But if they do happen to fall out while she's still an infant, how will her parents deal with the whole Tooth Fairy bit? Yeah, you're right, they're probably off the hook. (Lucky ducks.)

Have you ever seen a baby born with teeth?


Image via Sam Pullara/Flickr

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kayla... kaylaybaby666

It happens. Nothing special really

babym... babymama8787

my cousins baby was born with teeth.

First... FirstTimeMama21

My son got his first tooth at 7 weeks old.

nonmember avatar Amy

Choosing NOT to breastfeed a child due to baby teeth is absurd. One can nurse a child with a mouth full of teeth and still retain her nipples. So sad.

nonmember avatar emilole

My twin girls were both born with two bottom teeth. They had fallen out/removed before we left NICU. I still have one of their teeth in a keepsake bottle the NICU nurses made.

Cleme... Clemency3

lol 2 bottom teeth when the pic only shows one. Nothing surprises me really. Nature has it's way of things and that's that. 

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

My grandma was born with a tooth. I think they loose them really quick, or in this day the hospital removes them and then they teeth like normal babies after that. Still strange thing to see though.

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

Nothing special. IT happens.  My 9 month old has 4 teeth and we are still nursing just fine.  I nursed my first with a mouth full of teeth.

ktobin2 ktobin2

Whether or not a woman wants to breastfeed is no ones business but hers. It's not sad or awfule if a mother bottle feeds. As long as her baby is being fed and treated right that's all that matters.

tabi_... tabi_cat1023

Its crazy to think that a baby can not breastfeed with teeth, totally crazy.  My children get teeth rather early around 4 months and nurse well past a year.  In fact my 3 year old nurses once a day and has a full mouth of teeth, he hasnt bit his tongue OR me.

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