6 Strategies for New Parents to Deal With Exhaustion (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Sep 18, 2013 Baby

crying babySoooooo, let me guess -- since your baby arrived, you're more exhausted than you've ever been in your entire life and can't remember the last time you had a really decent full night of sleep. Sound about right?

It's no big secret that babies and sleep deprivation go hand in hand, but wait until you hear exactly how much zzz's many new parents are actually losing.

According to a survey conducted by memory foam mattress company Ergoflex, moms and dads lose 44 days of sleep due to their baby's crying during the first year.

Are you freakin' kidding me?

Forty-four days?!? Uh, that's kind of a long time. I mean, I always figured I was losing at least a couple hours a night when my son was a baby, but I never did the math and added it all up. No wonder I pretty much resembled a walking zombie up until his first birthday. (Ok, his third. But who's counting?)

Sheesh! No wonder so many parents find themselves obsessing over when their infant is finally going to sleep through the night.

But if knowing you aren't suffering alone isn't enough to help ease your worries a bit, check out these photos for some surefire ways to help cope with your baby's bouts of nighttime crying. Maybe you can score some rest and gain back a few hours out of those 44 days.


Image via Mary Fischer

  • Invest in Ear Plugs


    Image via sanickels/Flickr

    Hey, if you can't hear the wailing down the hall, then it doesn't actually exist, right?

  • Crank Up the TV


    Image via ... love Maegan/Flickr

    If there are a bunch of different noises happening, it will basically sound like white noise. That should lull you right to sleep.

  • Triple Up on the Caffeine


    Image via Randy Read/Flickr

    Hey -- maybe if you down coffee all day, you'll be so wired that you really won't need the extra sleep.

  • Get a Room


    Image via zevhonith/Flickr

    Your husband won't mind if you check into a hotel once or twice a month. Really.

  • Go to Bed Earlier


    Image via paperfacets/Flickr

    Maybe if you swap cocktail hour with your bedtime, you can make up for a few of the 44 days and then some.

  • Hide


    Image via Wolfrage/Flickr

    If your husband doesn't know where you are, then he has to get up with the baby. Find a cozy spot to curl up, and sleep the night away -- he won't mind a bit.

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