Kate Middleton's Second Baby Could Come Sooner Than We Think

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kate middleton

It's barely been two months since they welcomed Prince George into the world, but according to supposed pals of the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning for baby #2 already. I know, I know, this all could very well just be a bunch of hullabaloo, but the quote that claims Will and Kate would be "delighted to be pregnant by Christmas" does make this story a tad believable. And although being pregnant with a 5-month-old may seem, quite literally, nauseating to some, I say it's a great idea, and they should totally go for it.

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The way I see it, get it all out of the way at once. One looooong stretch of poo-covered sleeplessness. One of the reasons another baby frightens me is because my daughter, save for the few many tantrums she has daily, is quite easy. She sleeps through the night. When she's crying, I pretty much always know why. She even says "poo-poo" after she's, well, pooed. Delving back into the whiles of infantdom after this lovely stretch of, for lack of a better word, "relaxation," is flat-out daunting. (Especially the sleep thing.) It also seems that the older kids get, the harder it is for them to adjust to younger siblings.

When I was two months into being a mom, I so wasn't thinking about another baby. Like, at all. And I think the fact that Kate is is awesome. So, I say go for it, sister. Strike while the iron's hot. Because once you get a sweet, sweet taste of a full night's sleep, it's going to be hard to go back.

How close are your kids in age? Do you think it's better for kids to be closer or further apart in age?


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kate middleton


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Kim Van Cleave Gronewold

My daughters are 26 months apart. It's great because they are good friends and can do things together. My sister and I are 7 years apart and I am more like a mother to her than a sister. I say go for it!!

Angela Ulett

Mine are 20 months apart, close sisters as are my Nephews, now my daughters are at Uni together :D

nonmember avatar LLBee

What ever THEY decide I wish them well.
This is THEIR choice , THEIR lives.... Not sure why anyone cares if they have children 10 months apart or 10 years .

Christine Hall

i had 4 under 5yrs now they have all grown up and got kids of their own

Michele Mascali Petersen

I was an only child and always said I wanted a large family.... I had 4 children 6 years with no regrets at all!!   Now they are 22,20,17 and 16... It was wonderful... I loved that when one was learning the alphabet, or about algebra they were all getting an earful when at the table doing homework... if even from a high-chair back then...  I have freinds that have spaced them out having 1 every 5 years... I would lose my mind!   Imagine helping with college entrance exams with Sesame Street on??  Mine all learned to swim together, music together, ski together... Yes they fought but are so close with so much in common!!!


Marcheta Goebel

my boys are 11mos apart.....go for it......

Jennifer Halladay

my 2 girls are 14 months apart and there was no problem with that

lmh84 lmh84

My 3 children are 3 1/2 years apart and I wouldn't change a thing. But why not have them all small at once? Go for it!

adamat34 adamat34

Sadly, my sister and I are 11 months apart. My parents didnt hide the fact I was a mistake. I say go for it if its what you want. But at 34 yrs old now, I still think about that all the time. Just make sure your ready for a babies so close together.

Brie'Anna Clark

My daughter is 15 months and I am due with my son in 4 weeks. 

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