Stranger Covers Baby With Blanket While Mom Is Breastfeeding Her

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breastfeedingDang. Some people really have a lot of nerve, and they aren't the least bit afraid to use it. Mom Ashley Hollings was breastfeeding her daughter at a work and income office last week, when a female employee threw a blanket over the baby's head to cover her up.

Ashley pulled the blanket off her baby, and then get this one -- the employee tossed it back over her head again!

Apparently she was mad because there were men in the office, and she didn't think Ashley should be openly breastfeeding her child. She wound up going back to her desk -- but Ashley says she "watched her out of the corner of her eye" after that.

OMG. What is wrong with people?!? Personally, I do believe that there are certain situations where moms should be a little more discreet about breastfeeding -- but whether or not they choose to use a coverup is their decision and no one else's. I certainly wouldn't walk up and tell someone to use one, let alone throw a blanket over their kid myself!

I mean, who does something like that?!? What on earth made this woman think she had the right to pick up a blanket and cover up a breastfeeding mom like she had some sort of authority over her? And making the incident even worse is the fact that she and Ashley are complete strangers -- not that her actions would be any more excusable if they did know each other.

I just cannot even imagine walking up to another mother and trying to humiliate her like that. This woman was totally out of line, which is why I don't blame Ashley one bit for complaining to the manager of the office. (Who wouldn't?)

I'm actually kind of surprised that she didn't freak out and give this woman a good scolding right there in the middle of the place. Then again, she was probably so shocked at how rude she was that she really wasn't sure how to react -- plus she was trying to focus on the task at hand of getting her child fed.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to when, where, and how babies should be breastfed. But having an opinion on it and physically forcing your beliefs on another mom are two completely different things.

This employee should be ashamed of herself. Period.

Has anything like this ever happened to you while breastfeeding?


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Robin Hartman

when i finished nursing, i'd probably take the blanket and throw it over her head.

adamat34 adamat34

Although handeled wrong . I agree. The workplace isnt the whip out your boobs. Find a quiet place.

lulou lulou

Couple of points, I had a cubicle neighbor who would bring in a family size bag of cheetos, i still remember constantly hearing that crunching, and the orange keyboard.  I would much prefer the nursing mom.

This also brings back fond memories of the pumps well known swishing sound coming thru office doors.

The NFL has a new stadium bag policy.  There was a woman there with a black bacpack that at first glance clearly violated the policy.  I knew what was in that backpack.  If I ever need to bring something to a game again, Im putting it in some pump attachments.  I knew I kept it around for a reason.


Sarah... SarahHall58

She was wrong to do that but does she really need to breast feed in the middle of work? Shouldn't she be WORKING?

jrphelps jrphelps

This is one of those things where I WISH someone would try me.  The bitch would get what was coming to her for tossing a blanket on my child.  None of her business whether she agrees with it or not!

nonmember avatar singer825

@SarahHall, it is not indicated in the article that she actually worked there. She was there waiting for someone. Even if she did work there, people are allowed breaks.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Jeez, people, calm down. It's not like this woman hurt the baby or mother. She probably had kindly asked the lady to cover up her nipple or something and the mom refused so she got frustrated and did this. I'm guessing she didn't just go up to her and throw a blanket over the kid. Calm down, yo. There are far worse things in the world than this.

nonmember avatar Krsytal

I dont think a work and income office is where she works, sounds like some sort of walfare or assistance office.

nonmember avatar Mal

I would hold on to it and next time she was eating lunch at her cubicle I would throw the blanket on her head and said the way she eats her meal offends me too so she should cover up.

nonmember avatar mommy320

Ok twits if you actually clicked the link to read the story you would know a. Its in NZ, a work and income office is equivalent to human services agency here in the states she WAS NOT WORKING. b. the only person that had a problem with her BF was the employee of the organization that is suppose to encourage BF. Hope shes fired and finds a new job that dosnt involve working with anybody expecially mothers. Personally id tell her to back the f up

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