Couple Divorces & Splits Up Their Twin Babies in Real Life 'Parent Trap'

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baby footWhen I first heard that dads David Tutera and Ryan Jurica are raising their twin babies separately after their divorce, I couldn't help but get a bit of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Celebrity event planner David and his ex Ryan welcomed the twins via a surrogate -- but they decided to end their relationship very soon after the embryo transfer was complete. David admits that they never even talked about keeping the babies together. Instead, David has custody of his biological daughter, Cielo, and is raising her in California, while Ryan is bringing up her brother who is his biological child, Cedric, all the way across the country in Connecticut.

And even though David says he and his ex want to make sure their babies have a relationship -- it's hard to understand why on earth they would choose to separate a brother and sister who deserve to grow up together, especially considering they shared a womb for nine months. How could they bring themselves to pull them apart like that?

I know they live on opposite coasts and all, but couldn't they have worked out some sort of custody arrangement where they each had the babies for six months out of the year or something like that? Sure, it would be tough for them to go back and forth between parents -- but isn't it worse that they will never really know each other, or at least they won't have the opportunity of experiencing a real sibling relationship?

This is basically like a real life version of The Parent Trap, and if you ask me, these men are being incredibly selfish and immature. When you become a parent, you have to realize that your priorities change overnight -- and it's not all about you anymore. The happiness and well being of your children HAVE to come first, even if the resulting situation is less than ideal for you.

This arrangement would be horrible enough if these children were a regular brother and sister, but the fact that they're twins makes it even harder to accept. Twins share such a deep, special bond. David and Ryan are nuts if they think the babies won't sense that there is something missing in their lives as they get older. And their little plan could really wind up hurting them more than their divorce ever did, because there is a very good chance the twins will resent them when they grow up. I mean, their own fathers deliberately tore them apart and took away their opportunity to share their lives, which could be a pretty hard thing to forgive down the line.

Hopefully once the dust settles a bit more on their split, they'll come to their senses and work out a way to ensure that these children truly get to know each other as brother and sister -- because that's the only way it should be. And if they don't? Then they should probably prepare themselves for the therapy bills they're going to have to pay for when their kids start having issues later in life.

Are you outraged over what these dads have done?


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Kind of...I would have rather they kept them together or at least lived in the same area or just anything other than splitting them up.  I hope they stay true to their word and make sure the babies continue to connect in all ways possible.

Momma... MommaCady

Exactly why gay people shouldn't get married. If it had been a straight couple divorcing the twins would have been both biological children of the parents and a judge would have insisted the children stay together with either parent.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

And mommacady wins for dumbest comment today. Hey did you read about the straight couple who got married because the father wanted to rape his biological daughter? Or hey the straight married couple who adopted a child from Africa and starved her to death?

Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

Wow MommaCady, way to be homophobic. Secondly, why are these children considered twins if they don't have DNA from the same set of parents?

Tanith Kamelot

Not only is this whole story sickening, it also gives same sex couples a bad name. Anybody can be a bad parent, straight, gay or anything in between. People saying "this is why gay people shouldn't get married" need a good hard smack around the head and a bracing reality check. I agree with NatAndCo, there are COUNTLESS examples of terrible straight parents, but when do we ever see comments like "omg this wouldn't have happened if straight marriage were illegal" on those stories? We don't. MommaCady, that was unnecessarily homophobic of you.

ashjo85 ashjo85

On the surface it sounds back. But it seems these babies have zero biological relation to one another (unless the same woman's eggs were used?). Seems like one of those cases where morality hasn't caught up to science.

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

I was angry when I first read this story, how could you separate siblings, twins or otherwise. The fact that these parents made a choice to have these precious children then say oh I'm taking the one with my DNA, you take the one with yours is selfish on their part. These babies deserve to be together they should be afforded to know one another plus their other father, because technically they were conceived by choice of both men. I think these babies drew the short straw. MommaCady-grow up gay people should be afforded any rights that straight people are entitled to, love is love. Homophobic people such as yourself never really take into consideration the millions of straight parental screw ups out there!!

Tracey Plummer

MommaCady, I guess you have never heard of a woman who couldn't conceive and had to use a surrogate, or a man whose little guys didn't swim, and had to use a sperm donor. Oh, but I guess people like that couldn't possibly be straight.

Brain... BrainyMommy

Are you people insane? Each man is raising his own biological child. Why should either man surrender custody of his own biological child to the other? These kids are nothing more than half siblings. Give up your own biological children if you think it's so easy.

Brain... BrainyMommy

Just curious. How many mommies out here would let their ex-husbands take custody of their kids when he and his new wife have a baby so that your kids can be with their half siblings? Don't you love your kids enough to let them live with your husband's new children? Because that's the genetic relationship these kids have. They are half siblings. Nothing more. Stop romantizing this twin nonsense unless you're willing to give your ex-husband and his new bride custody of your kids.

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