5 Ways Becoming a Mother Has Made Me a Worse Person

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holding handsIn a lot of ways, I think I've become a better person since becoming a mother. After my daughter was born, I found a level of patience I truly never knew I had in me. I think I'm a more compassionate, less selfish person; more mature (most of the time). But in other departments of my life, I think becoming a mother has made me, well, kind of a crappy person. Here are five ways how.

1. I forget people's birthdays. I used to be the person who not only remembered everyone's birthday, but had cards filled out and ready to mail days, no weeks!, before the actual date. Now? Not so much. (And, no, I'm not on Facebook.) This past August, I, for the first time ever, forgot the birthday of one of my closest friends from college. My stomach literally dropped when I happened to glance at my planner and saw that her special day had passed two days prior. What a crap friend! Fortunately, she understood and was totally cool about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, still wince when I think about it.

2. I feel like I recycle less. Random? Yes. But I noticed this the other day when, in a frantic moment of trying to clean up after dinner/get my daughter in the bath and ready for bed, I tossed an empty jar of peanut butter in the trash instead of freakin' scrubbing the damn thing out and putting it in the recycling bin. I'm not proud of this fact. In fact, I realize it, in some ways, makes me a bad person. But I don't know what happened. I used to always scrub the peanut butter jar, and wait until I found a recycling bin to throw out my water bottle when I was out. I really need to work on this.

3. I snap at my husband sometimes. I hesitated putting this on the list, because I know some people are going to jump at the chance to tell me that I'm a jerk-weed, and they've never snapped at their partner. Ever. But in the spirit of being honest, it's true. On occasion, I feel like, where I've gained patience in other aspects of my life (sure I'll say "doggie woof woof" 900 times in a row), I've lost it in others ("Why does it take you so much longer to find the sippy cup when we're going out?!"). For anyone wondering, yes, my husband and I have a good relationship. Something else I need to work on!

4. I don't answer my phone as much. As in very rarely. Between work and baby, I just don't have as much time to answer my phone as I used to. I feel bad, letting calls go to voicemail, but sometimes, when I have a little free time, I don't feel like chatting.

5. I'm disorganized. Before my daughter, I was one of the most organized people I knew (hence, remembering people's birthdays). I'd respond to emails right away; get all my bills in on time; never forget a doctor appointment; constantly reference a constant-running to-do list. Now? Ha. The last time I checked my to-do list was some time last week, and I was actually confused by it. There was something on there that read "test", and I have no clue what it means. Hopefully, it's not important. 

How has parenthood changed you?


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nonmember avatar Christina

...You would actually scrub out the peanut butter container?

jalaz77 jalaz77

I have become VERY impatient. Hate that I have become this way, working on it. I Aldo quit eating healthy and working out. THAT'S also going to change real quick.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Ever since the second one was born, I am the worst at putting my shopping cart in the cart corral thing during cold/rainy/snowy weather. I'm not going to walk 200' away from my car with my kids buckled in it to put a cart away. I know it sounds lazy and I feel guilty every time but I still abandon the cart.

justk... justkeeplaughin

I am, it seems, never on time! Which has always been a huge pet peeve of mine! I hate being late for anything.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ashley-park near the corral, that's what I do. I have 4 kids and I have never left a cart out. I had to replace the back end of my SUV because someone was too lazy to walk the cart back, it went across the parking lot into my back end. Insurance covered it but it would of cost me $5000 had I not had insurance.

the4m... the4mutts

These things, dont make you who you are as a person.

Everyone shouts, or "snaps at" their kids and s/o.

Everyone gets rushed and forgets things, or gets disorganized, whether they have kids or not.

amazi... amazinggrace83

I say no to invitations more than I say yes. 

I always think someone may be sick and will get the boys sick. 

I have a very clean house and will not hang out in someone's house that is not as clean as mine.  I am a jerk way more now than before.

Oh, and I only let 2 people watch my kids.  No one else. Period. 

NinaB... NinaB131415

Since I've become I mom, I'm so impatient. With my kids I'm totally fine because they're little & don't know better but adults are a whole different story. I freak out at the smallest things which sucks because I was never like that before. I was a cheerleader my entire childhood & through college always a happy and spirited girl but I guess it's the lack of sleep that's making me so angry at the world haha

Jennifer Starr

I always park next to a cart corral, especially when I have the kiddos out on my own. No way am I stepping more than a foot away from my car with the kids in there. Leaving the cart wherever you want is lazy, inconsiderate and rude. Not only do the employees have to chase them down, they also become road hazards to other drivers. So don't put my kids in danger because you didn't want to walk an extra ten feet to be next to a cart corral. My kids have helped me appreciate the insanity of my parents and the hilarity of Bill Cosby. Can anyone tell me exactly when I wil complete a sentance? LOL

Marin... MarineWifey09

i am just as patient as i was before i had my sons(possibly because i raised my nephew until he was 6months old when i was 15)i always park right next to a cart corral ive had my car have over 2500 in damages because of people and no insurance wouldnt cover any of it so that is one of my major peeves now when people dont tell their kids to stop swinging stuff around i saw a child almost hit my 10 month old nephew in the head with a plastic sword when kids interrupt their parents or being disrespectful i cant stand that i am just as organized as before im never late for anything and i never forget important events birthdays i get pissy with my hubby at times but everyone does that sorry so long ha a log to add lol

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