Vanessa Lachey Throws Baby Camden a Birthday Party -- But It's Not Really for Him

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Camden Lachey's birthday partyThere are some parents who think a birthday party for a 1-year-old is a big waste of time. Vanessa Minnillo Lachey and Nick Lachey are not those parents. Their son, Camden Lachey, turned 1 this week, and he got a party.

But before you roll your eyes, you might want to hear what Vanessa Lachey had to say about how they celebrated their baby boy's first birthday.

According to Vanessa, they kept things simple for Camden's first birthday. Instead of a Hollywood blowout, the family had some adorable cupcakes with uncle Drew Lachey and his wife Lea back home in Ohio.

As Vanessa told People:

I won’t do a pool party for his first birthday ’cause I feel like we have the rest of his life to do pool parties. He’s 1, this one’s for Mom and Dad.

Finally! A mom who gets it! And a celebrity mom who is totally down to earth! 

What do you think of birthday parties for babies? Are they a waste or do you go all out?


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Cleme... Clemency3

a party for a 1 year old being a waste of time...???!!??? WTF?! Who in the world thinks that?! Everyone knows that it is tradition to put a cake in front of a 1 year old and see them mash it all over their face etc. 

It's the first don't skip that..and it certainly isn't a waste of's a milestone that should be celebrated just like all the other birthdays to come. 

D.j. Lord

and of course she had to tell every one about it..and give a quote to people...still hollywood even when not hollywood

nonmember avatar Give Me a Break

Please! Vanessa didn't keep anything simple. Her and Nick had their son's first birthday party at The Great American Ball Park. Home of Nick's beloved Cincinnati Reds. So before you praise her, get your facts straight.

danie... danielleapril

And of course the commenters have to find a reason to bitch. She didnt skip the party, they just had a more practicle celebration for a baby...well as practical as celebs go.

youth... youthfulsoul

I think throwing birthday parties are not a waste of time. It's celebrating your loved ones on their special day, regardless of age.

nonmember avatar saywat

Sincd when is celebrating your child bday a waste..

we always have a party when its our kids some party have been big and some have been small..... why because u r thankful that your child has been blessed another year

nonmember avatar Veronica

A one year old does not need an extravagant party, he/she will not remember it. So a cake, ice cream some balloons is perfect. why would you give your one year old a pool party?

nonmember avatar Barb

There is a difference between a party and a celebration. Having a few close family members over for cake and singing "Happy Birthday" is not a party. It is the type of celebration that you should have for a one and two year old. My youngest turns two this year and as it falls near Thanksgiving we will add a birthday cake to the family festivities. My oldest (10) hasn't had a party for the last two birthdays. He decided he would rather do the cake and ice cream thing at home with the family and then on a different day, go somewhere special with his two best buddies. Celebrations don't have to be extravaganzas to be special.

nonmember avatar Sharon

Vanessa is hardly a celebrity and she's far from down to earth.

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