'Teen Mom' Star Finally Gets All the 'New Parents Get No Sleep' Jokes

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taylor halburInfants, you guys. They're real pains in the butt, I tell you. With their neediness, and their crying, and their keeping odd hours. They really know how to mess up a person's life. I mean, seriously, who stays up from midnight to 3 a.m. and expects you to hang out with them? So rude.

After recently giving birth to daughter Paislee, Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind's baby mama, is realizing that Anne Geddes has perpetuated a gross misrepresentation of what newborns are actually like. When they're not lying in a giant pile of yarn balls with butterfly wings on, they're screaming. Really loudly.

On September 12, a tired and frustrated Halbur tweeted: "Little misses sleeping pattern needs to change. This being wide awake from midnight til 3am just doesn't work." And I feel her. Being awake from 12 to 3 doesn't work for most. Except babies. So the only thing to do is just go with it. Going to bed each night, hoping things are going to be different, and praying that tonight's the night I'm going to get some sleep! is a bad idea. Because, odds are, it ain't gonna happen, mama.

Just go with the flow, Taylor. Accept it. It isn't going to be your life forever; your baby will eventually sleep for longer stretches of time, and then eventually through the night. But getting irritated and annoyed in the process truly only makes things worse. I know it's easier said than done, but just try.

And despite it being such a cliche to say, there will come a time when you miss this. Crazy, I know.

Did you get frustrated when your baby would get up at night?


Image via Taylor Halbur/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Michele

Im pretty sure she's not a teen mom star...

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

who doesn't???? You love the little munchkins but who wants to be up with them all hours of the night :) LOL

Nicole Riccardi

That's part of being a parent! You put your needs aside for your child.

nonmember avatar Trischa

Please stop reporting on this girl. No decent or respectable person would have a relationship, let alone a child with one of the worse dads in teen mom history. At least the other deadbeat dads have drugs as an excuse, he's just a sorry excuse for a human being. And nobody cares about his attempt to show him as a loving father when he's already proven to be heartless and worthless, or his new gf's attempt at fame at Chelsea's expense.

Sherry Tucker

I never really had that problem with my son he started to sleep through the night 4 days out of the hospital. So I guess you can say I am lucky. He is four now and I miss him being a baby I cannot wait to have another one.

nonmember avatar brittany

ya it is but gota love them

MrsIm... MrsImperfect

Sometimes they don't outgrow it. My 2 almost 3yr old just started sleeping through the night. Same with all my kids.

silve... silverdawn99

eh i bet that ryan is helping ...not..

she is going to realize that she had a baby with a twit and not a real man

Amy Toney

Keep her up through the day alot and hopefully she will sleep. I raised 5

Jai Hutto

Isn't this Chelsea's exboyfriend Adam's new girlfriend? Hope she's realized that she's going to be doing all of this by herself. You know Adamn isn't going to lift a finger to help.

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