2-Month-Old Dies After Co-Sleeping With Older Siblings

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heavenA 2-and-a-half-month-old infant boy was tragically pronounced dead Monday morning after reportedly co-sleeping in a bed with his 8- and 12-year-old siblings. According to reports, the 8-year-old rolled over onto the baby some time during the night, and when the family awoke the next morning, they discovered that the youngest sibling wasn't breathing.

To say this is a tragedy is an understatement. A poor, sweet baby's life was taken away after only two short months, and -- if the reports are true -- his sibling is going to have to live the rest of their life with this god-awful incident on their conscience. The parents of the children apparently have conflicting stories as to what exactly transpired that night, but I think we can all agree that this is something that could have probably been prevented. A 2-month-old shouldn't be sleeping the night alone in a bed with two "big kids".

The point of this post isn't to be a "sanctimommy". If co-sleeping works for your family, that's wonderful. If it doesn't, that's perfectly fine, too. This is just a message that needs to be spread: If you are going to co-sleep, please use safe practices. Even if you personally are going to sleep in a bed with more than one child, you shouldn't let infants and older kids sleep next to one another. No one -- especially erratic children sleepers -- is in tune with a baby like a mother.

Thoughts and prayers go out to this family. And please pass along to anyone you know who co-sleeps. One more story in the news like this is too many.

Do you co-sleep?


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adamat34 adamat34

How sad. I pray this little boy finds peace with what happened. I hope his little soul is healed.

Sarha Hall

I completely agree. I'm for SAFE co-sleeping. I would never have let my little one sleep with her older sister. This could have been prevented and that makes it all the more tragic. 

linzemae linzemae

I was going to say the same thing. Other people aren't going to be as in tune with the baby as the mother would be. I have only taken short naps with mine and once I almost did roll on top of her. I corrected myself immediately and went to sleep on the other side of the bed.

nonmember avatar Tracy

Please, stop asking "do you co-sleep." All it does is get everyone all worked up. How about "what would you do different in this situation?"

Austi... Austinsmommy12

I co-sleep. In a co-sleeper especially made for it. My first graduated to a Boppy pillow and he still sleeps in it to this day in his crib, and even in the bed with us. Tiny infants that can't roll over should NOT be sleeping unprotected in a bed with anyone, let alone two older children. This was a preventable tragedy and no doubt caused by over confidence on the third time parent's parts.

Colleen Van Schubert- Woodcock

Sounds  a bit fishy of a story to me, maybe the child never slept with the kids but slept with the mother and she doesn't want to admit to roller over on her infant?  becuase who is their right mind would leave a 2 month old with their kids for the night I mean they wake up to eat every 3 or 4 hours what is the siblings going to feed the baby???

danie... danielleapril

I read this story elsewhere and that article made it seem more like the oldwr kids were also in moms bed. I think we need more facts on this story. And no cosleeping isnt my cup of tea...i prefer adult fun in my bed.

nonmember avatar Lauren

@Austinsmommy12, are you kidding? You are NEVER supposed to put a baby to sleep in a Boppy! Never never! There are warnings right on them not to do that.

Annette Whitwam Johnson

This has NOTHING to do with cosleeping, and everything to do with being irresponsible. Cosleeping does not include sleeping with other children, period. If other siblings are int he bed, they should be separated from baby by an adult-who does not drink, smoke, do drugs, or take sleep enhancing medicine. Makes me so mad when cosleeping is blamed for incidents like this.

Lilylady Lilylady

Very sad...and I slept with all my babies, but I was/am an extremely light sleeper and it worked great for our family. Accidents happen in cribs/bassinets too.  

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