6 Celeb Moms Take a Public Stand on the Vaccine Debate (PHOTOS)

baby getting shotWhen it comes to controversial parenting topics, vaccines take the cake. For so many moms and dads, choosing whether or not to vaccinate is a pretty complicated choice. And while I for one firmly believe that vaccinating is essential, there are certainly people out there who disagree. 

Just like any other topic, loads of celebrities have strong opinions on the immunization debate. Check out celebrity moms and where they stand on vaccines, here:

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MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Well thank God it seems the majority of celebs have a brain in their heads and vax their kids.

nonmember avatar Human

We all agree medicine is good and has saved many lives, but we don't give every pill invented every day to every baby.

Vaccines have cured and eliminated many diseases, but they aren't without risk. Giving vaccines to imune compromised people has been proven to cause harm. Giving vaccines are also implicated in the rise of allergies to eggs, and peanuts, (ingredients in some vaccines).

Like ANY medicine their use should be discussed between the Doctor, and the parents.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Just what mama2b2g said. Not vaccinating is ignorant.

nonmember avatar melisa

i've been vaxxed my whole life and so has my husband. Im not a genius but he is. So, if vaccines cause autism, why are we and our vaxxed kids not autistic?

Kelly Lima

I come from an underdevoleped country (Brazil), and there´s inanimity amoung educated people on vaccinating. Only poor, ignorant and negligent people don´t, and it´s not because of money, ´cause there is public and free med care ( it's not that good, but free!) And there´s no such thing of autism and side effects detected! The risks are minimum. What is an allergy to peanut or eggs compared to the risk of getting polio, for example?

Kate Cooley

It's a sign of being in a well-off country that people look at life-saving measures and think of reasons NOT to take them. As for celebs, I'm impressed. I was surprised there weren't more who were anti on this list. And frankly, if Jenny McCarthy (Jim Carrey did NOT cure your son's autism. He wasn't actually autistic.) and Lisa Bonet are your advocates, I'm sensing trouble.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

1.) Jenny McCarthy and Lisa Bonet are not doctors or any sort of medical professional, so why on earth do people listen to them?  2.) We have Jehovah's Witness kids in our school who are not vaccinated for anything at all, it's against their beliefs apparently.  I'm sorry, but I'm a devout Christian too, and if God did not want us to have vaccines, He would not have provided the widsom and means for their discoveries to the people on this planet!  It's all well and good to have faith in God for healing, but He would not have given us the vaccines if He didn't intend for us to use them!

Michelle M. Gershon

Human makes a good point regarding people with compromised immune systems -- if your child has an illness that has compromised his/her immune system you should carefully discuss vaccination with your doctor.  However, these children are another reason other children should be vaccinated -- an out break of measles can be deadly to a child with a compromised immune system.  My parents had friends who lost siblings to diseases we no longer think about because of vaccinations.  One of my brothers contracted polio before the vaccine was developed and we are lucky he is alive today.  It was because these diseases killed and disabled children that vaccines were developed. BTW I have never heard of peanuts being used in any vaccine -- do not think vaccines are the cause of the rise in peanut allergies.  Would need to research further on the egg issue -- am aware of a connection between eggs and influenza vaccines.


nonmember avatar Brianne

I would just like to clear up something written by MrsRoberts413. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and it is NOT against our religion to vaccinate. I'm sure some choose not to, but it is not due to our religion. I myself have given some vaccines for my kids. I think a parent should do their own research. I know many have done their research and chosen to give some or all the vaccines to their children. Others have chosen not to vaccinate at all. I think as long as parents are doing their research before making their decision, we should respect that.

nonmember avatar KNS

As far as i am concern Jenny McCarthy needs to be discreated. The doctor she based all of her theories on lost his license for falsifying the theory that vax cause Autism. You can do delayed vax which is what we do, but my kids get all their shots.

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