Gisele Bundchen's Latest Mommy Feat Proves She's the Queen of Attachment Parenting (PHOTO)

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giseleI'm all for babywearing. Despite its idiotic name, I think "wearing your baby" is a great way to promote bonding and it's just flat-out easy, as little ones tend to be less fussy when in a carrier. I wore my daughter in a Baby Bjorn right up until she hit the weight limit, and I actually just purchased an Ergo so I can carry her on my back when running errands. (I love the "hip carry" the Moby Wrap offers, but good god, so much fabric!)

However, despite my love of baby carriers, I think "toddlerwearing" is where I'll probably wind up drawing the line. What Gisele Bundchen is doing in this here photo? Wearing two babies? Two not-so-little babies? That's crazy!

And at the same time, Christ, damn impressive.

Okay, so technically, Gisele isn't officially "wearing" her 3-year-old son, Benjamin. She's more giving him a piggy-back ride. But my entire torso aches just looking at this photo of her carrying 9-month-old daughter Vivian at the same time. She's like a gorgeous, dirty-blond, human jungle gym with children swinging from every limb. I'm surprised she can even walk like this.

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If and when I ever have another baby, who knows what I'll wind up doing. I made a lot of staunch declarations about what I was and wasn't going to do as a mother when I was pregnant last time 'round, and very few of those proclamations wound up coming to fruition. But I kind of doubt I'll wind up doing the double babywear. In fact, I don't think I'm physically strong enough to do the double babywear. Not to mention, it seems a bit extreme.

Then again, for all we know, Gisele's son could have hopped up onto his mom's back in a moment of spontaneity, and a photog happened to snap a pic.

Have you ever worn more than one child at once?


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aeneva aeneva

What mom of multiple children HASN'T carried both at the same time? Really get over yourself this is a ridiculous article. She is NOT wearing her toddler and even if she was there is nothing wrong with it.

miche... micheledo

I have worn two kids.  ONly once.  Our older ones usually walk.  But I would much rather wear two then carry two! :D

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Ergo can be a hip carrier too. I use it on my hip and back for my 30 pounder.

lulou lulou

Yes,  backpack and bjorn.

However, i also have to wonder if my letting little ones walk has ruined my posture as Im so used to looking down.

Sarah Meador Hill

This writer needs to get over herself. It's not that bad, I tandem wear my 2.5yo and 18mo often. No, we don't go on hikes or 5ks, but taking a little walk around the house, preparing dinner, getting the mail, holding my girls when they are both fussy and needing mammas love at the same time does wonders for their little moods. Gisele looks like shes just giving her son's legs a little break. My God, the mommy wars.

Brittanni Blakney

This "article" is ridiculous. Chances are any parent of two has carried them both at some point, this is one of the easier ways to do so. Especially seeing as when she's out in public she's getting photos snapped of her, being followed. I'd have my kid hop on my back too. You move faster.

Charise Spirit Clarke

This writer is looking to stir thing up. As adult we forget that we walk more take bigger steps then child and that they get tired. Good for this mom. Instead of doing what most do and drag there little ones yell to hurry up she made it a piggy back ride and shows love. The horror a mother that loves her child and sees his needs. Ps I have carried two I would rather wear two as well. The writer needs to get over herself and get a life.

nonmember avatar BNK

Oh get over it. She's mothering her children, and we shouldn't really give a crap about how many kids she holds at once. I mean really, aren't there much better things to spend our time on, like feeding the hungry, or mothering our own children? I think this is a beautiful example of a loving mother.

Laura K Ockelkorn

I pity any baby in a bjorn carrier like the writer talks about, crotch dangling is dangerous

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