Prince George's First Godparent Is Chosen!

kate middletonPer royal tradition, Kate Middleton and Prince William will be choosing not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 godparents for Prince George. In some ways, it really takes the pressure off of the royal couple, because, as any godparent-bestowing parent knows, picking just two can be daunting. But in other aspects, sheesh. It almost makes offending people all the more easy. If you're friends or relatives with the Duke and Duchess and you're not chosen, what does that say about you?

The selection process is already underway, and although it will likely be a bit of time before all 6 are chosen, one godparent already has reportedly been selected. And, shockingly, it isn't Pippa or Harry.

Guy Pelly, one of William's best friends, has apparently been selected as Godparent Numero Uno for Prince George. Pelly is a prominent nightclub owner in London and, based on reports, is a bit of a controversial choice for a "role model" for the little prince. In 2012, Pelly was charged with drunk driving after reportedly being stopped going 129 on a local street. He also was caught smoking marijuana at a party Prince William attended. Regardless of people's opinions, though, Pelly is "thrilled to bits" to be one of George's godparents. As he should be. Good for him.

Regardless of the image the public has of Pelly, I'm sure William and Kate are perfectly capable of selecting people who they think would be a positive influence on their son's life. And hey, now George will be able to get into the hottest London nightclubs before he's of age! Just kidding. Kind of. 

The only thing I'm finding surprising is that Pippa or Harry hasn't yet been asked to be a godparent -- at least to our knowledge. If 6 people are to be picked, they seem like no-brainers. Why wouldn't we hear about one of them first?

We've got 1 down and 5 to go, so now we just have to wait to see who's next. (But seriously, it has to be Pippa or Harry ... right?)

Do you think Pippa and Harry will be godparents?


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Ida Lopez Lara

Harry should be a godparent

Michelle Zollman-Byers

Maybe picking him is a sneaky way of William trying to get Pelly to calm down a bit!

cwlgr... cwlgrad05

I honestly think that a god parent shouldn't be family because being family is already a big role in a baby's life, they are family after all. I think that it should be friends that you are really close too, but that is just my opinion. Whomever the royal couple chooses will be good and there is always a good reason you choose that person or in this case those people.

Tamara Lorenz Hampton

A COURSE Harry and Pippa can be next !!
I think Guy sounds like he has learned from experience and that can make one stronger so If Prince William and Princess Catharine believe in him, I do too !

Caroline Shirley

Harry and Pippa would be great Godparrents to George

Amanda Jean

Who is Catharine?

Rae Cerce

Smoking marujianna? OH THE HORROR. Okay yes, drunk driving is bad, but you make smoking pot once at a party sound like he killed someone. Give me a break. My sons Godfather is my best male friend, this makes perfect sense to me.

wayto... waytomanykids10

cwlgrad05  you haven't met my family, out of 6 siblings only 2 have anything to do with my kids.

nonmember avatar K

Pippa and Harry are actually unlikely choices. They already have a big role as aunt and uncle, so making them godparents would actually be redundant.

.Bad.... .Bad.Wolf.

I volunteer! :D

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