6 Celebrity Moms Who Know Sometimes Bottle Is Best (PHOTOS)

Jessica AlbaIt's no secret that breastfeeding is all the rage with celebrity moms, but as shocking as it may be to some -- not all famous mamas stick to the boob 100 percent of the time.

Whether it be to supplement with formula, to feed their babies with pumped milk so they don't have to whip out their breasts in public (the paps are everywhere), or simply because they can't or do not wish to breastfeed -- some celeb moms have been spotted out and about with baby bottles used to nourish their little ones.

See, not everyone can commit to exclusive breastfeeding -- not even high-profile moms, which should make you breathe a sigh of relief if you're also a bottle-feeding mama.

Check out these photos to see six celeb moms who bottle-feed their babies or did in the past.


Image via Splash

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wamom223 wamom223

Who cares?  What celebrities do has nothing to do with any decision I make for my child. What they do does not make me feel better or worse about any choice I've made.  However, I will admit I made my man watch Tori Spellings show when I was pregnant because I wanted him to know there were pregnant women out there that are were crazier than me.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I bottle fed my son breastmilk for 14 months. Good stuff.

Erin McIlhenny

lol funny how Snooki is using a Medela bottle. Just because its a bottle, doesn't mean its formula. And even if it is, who really cares? The whole breast vs bottle thing is like beating a dead horse at this point.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Exactly Erin.

Liz Powers Moore

Bottle feeding can be fine, but never best! Bethanny Frankel looks really invested in feeding and nurturing her daughter; maybe she shouls just leave it to the nanny. :(

JenB1983 JenB1983

Gee......way to promote breastfeeding during national breastfeeding month.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Liz-it is if its breastmilk...my 5 month old may be trying to wean off the breast. He is my 4th baby. Never had this problem before. I have tried EVERYTHING!! Trust me I know how to BF but he may not want the boob. I try so hard and cry but still try. Lately because he eats so little off the boob I need to bottle feed so do NOT judge. Judge me if I give my child ZERO sustenance. I knew a few moms whose babies would not nurse well, after blood, blisters, whatever it may be they pumped and gave it through the bottle. Moms are so judgemental when it comes to seeing a bottle. It MUST be formula...that mom must not love her child, give me a break.

Roseanna O'Connor

Sounds like whoever wrote this article is afraid these celebrity moms might stretch out their little bodies? That's what the boobs were meant for and celebs aren't anymore special. Stretch marks for all women!

nonmember avatar Kate

My goodness, finally an article that makes the mommies that either can't or do not want to (because they don't care about thier kids as much) breastfeed feel a little better and you people get very touchy. My kids were not breastfed and they are now 12 and 9 and believe it or not they have NEVER been sick with anything besides the common cold. My friend has breastfed her son until age two and the kid has had asthma, tubes in ears and now a intestinal problem. Breast is best? Whatever, in my everyday world that is so totally contradicted. Oh and by the way, their is not another parent on this earth that loves their kids more than I love mine.

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