Conjoined Twins' First Movements After Being Separated Are Heartstopping

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Ezell twins

A pair of conjoined twin boys were successfully separated at Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas, last Saturday, after enduring a six-hour surgery.

When Owen and Emmett Ezell were born on July 17, they were connected at the chest and belly, and they shared a liver and intestines. And even though they are still in intensive care and have a long road ahead of them as far as recovery goes, their dad reports that they are doing well and are starting to "open their little eyes" and "wiggle their little fingers." (OMG. Doesn't the vision of them moving like that take your breath away?)

And now he and his wife are thinking about the day they will finally get to bring their precious twins home -- as two individual little miracles.

Wow. It's tough to try and imagine what their parents have been going through over the past few weeks and what they had to come to terms with during the pregnancy when they learned their baby boys were conjoined.

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And wait until you read some of the entries on their blog, The Ezell Twins, that their mom set up to help keep family and friends informed on their progress. It offers so much more insight into how emotionally exhausting their journey has been. One post in particular really struck a chord with me. On August 27, the day before the twins' surgery, their mom talks about how she wasn't able to be with them when they had their central lines placed in the operating room -- because she had to attend a meet and greet with her older son Ethan's first grade teacher. She describes how upset she was that she couldn't be there for all of her children on the same day, which absolutely broke my heart.

Oftentimes when we hear stories similar to the Ezell family's, we forget that they are just regular moms and dads trying to get through their days as normally as possible. It's easy to forget that they still have to be present for their other kids.

I will definitely be thinking about this family and praying that their strength continues through the coming months, which are bound to be just as challenging. But it's so wonderful to know that the surgery was a success, and with any hope, these two beautiful little boys will wind up living normal, happy, and healthy lives.

What well wishes would you send to the Ezells?


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wamom223 wamom223

Oh I really hope the babies get healthy and are able to come home soon.  My son was in the NICU and we saw a lot of parents with older kids and it was so hard for them.  Another friend of mine had a child in the hospital with a brain tumor and two kids at home and she talked a lot about being at the hospital wishing she was home or at home wishing she was at the hospital.  I am so glad the boys are doing well and am sending prayers their way.  This is a great example of why its a good idea to donate your change to Ronald McDonald house when you go to McD's.  They are one of the organizations that help parents in these types of positions to be able to be with their kids.

Mingl... MinglingMom

Praying for a happy, healthy and especially quick recovery. I can't even imagine!

Melani K Burkhart

Keep your faith in our Father and he will bless you and give you the desires of your heart which is to bring your two precious boys home. He created them and he will see the family through the things that need to be done. Never let your trust waver and we are praying and thanking Jesus for his special gifts to your family. In Jesus Name We Pray. Amen

IHear... IHeartCake

What beautiful baby boys!  I wish the family well.

nonmember avatar Brittany

Another good reason of why it's more important to support universal healthcare, instead of just dumping your change at the Ronald McDonald House. Privatization is bad for our families.

wamom223 wamom223

@Brittany-Obamacare is making our health care worse not better.  Its getting more expensive.  Obviously you know absolutely nothing about what parents go through in the NICU and that many have to leave their homes and can not afford hotels.  Obamacare or universal health care does not cover hotel bills.  Ronald McDonald house gives families a place to stay so they can be with their children while they are in the hospital.  You are obviously ignorant about health care, the purpose of Ronald McDonald house and what families like this go through along the way, on top of that your know it all attitude makes you a disgrace!

Phyllis Bouldin

This seems to be happening alot more. And with all the medical advancement it shoudn't.

angelmj angelmj

I love Medical City of Dallas that place is amazing to me they fixed my babies heart when he was born and I know these two little men are going to be great and do so well. Congrats on the babies mama and I don't fully understand how hard this has been for you but coming from a mother who has had her fair share of problems with a baby I can tell you that you're in good hands!

Angel... Angela6812

Phyllis, one reason we hear of it more is because of main-steam media. The other reason is because of the fact we have come so far in medicine these babies are surviving the pregnancy and birth, where before c-sections I would imagine many died trying to birth naturally or during pregnancy because of a lack of ability to monitor and intervene. And sending prayers for healing and good health to the boys and their faily. To bad the teacher of the older child could not have allowed the family a separate opportunity for the meet and greet at a better time for them. My children's school would have been more accommodating. 

nonmember avatar Bren

I think you need to rename this site "Breathless Hyperbole".

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