Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gives Birth & Baby's Name Is as Gorgeous as Mom

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Jamie-Lynn SiglerReady to feel old? Jamie-Lynn Sigler is officially a mom! Meadow Soprano gave birth to a baby boy, her first child with fiance Cutter Dykstra.

I know what you're thinking. Tony Soprano's daughter is a mother AND engaged? Indeed, it has happened. So take a sip of that Metamucil shake because now we've got the really big news for ya.

The baby's name!

Jamie-Lynn and Cutter had admitted earlier that they were really struggling with this decision, but in the end all that debating worked out well for the little guy -- his parents went traditional and gave him a normal albeit not often heard name.

Beau! As in French for handsome (sorry, Sopranos fans, no Italian influences here).

I wonder if that's a comment on his looks? Jamie-Lynn had said they might change their mind once the baby came along and just name him based on what fit, so it's possible!

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I do tend to feel that some babies just fit their names better than others, and I know more than a few parents who had their hearts set on one moniker only to meet their newborn and say, uh uh, no way, he's really an X instead of a Y.

Regardless of when they made the decision or why, Beau is sure to be a cutie. Have you LOOKED at his parents?

What do you think of the little guy's name?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Coles... Coles_mom

Cute name. It's from the civil war era if I'm not mistaken. Short for Beauregard.

nonmember avatar Tammy

She isn't Tony Soprano's child for God sake! It was just a fictional character! This is what is wrong with society, people can't seprate real life from tv!

Congrats on the beautiful blessing but what a LaLa Land author.

Samantha Black

Cute meaning but ugly name. I couldnt imagine people calling him that or him having any confidence standing up and saying Hi My name is Beau

ashle... ashleynoel2121

tammy, if you really want to gwet technical, she IS 'tony sopranos" daughter...but she is not james gandolfinis daughter...so your wrong in the aspect of telling the author off...

BabyK... BabyKsMaMa

I like it! We actually considered it for .2 seconds, but decided it was mean to name a baby Beau Beaulieu! lol. :)

DustBran DustBran

I love the name.  It is strong.. My oldest son played ball with a excellent baseball player with that name.. i have a son Named Crimson...





nonmember avatar emily

i love the name that is also my 8 yr olds name same spelling and all we get compliments all the time it is a strong masculine southern name

Marie Tuel

They have a right to name him whatever they want!!!

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