What Drugs Are Safe to Take While Breastfeeding? Latest Details Released

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prescription drugsWhen you are a breastfeeding mom, you worry about what you are putting into your body because you assume that everything can go directly to baby through your breast milk. You don't want to eat too many spicy foods or else your baby could get painful gas and you should lay off the Prozac because ... well, babies plus Prozac is bad. Some moms believe some beer is okay when breastfeeding. Any mom on any kind of prescription drug clears that pill with her doctor to make sure it's safe to take. But sometimes the answers aren't clear and we take our questions and concerns to Dr. Google or online communities like CafeMom and ask other moms what their experiences are with breastfeeding on insert prescription or over-the-counter drug here.

But now the American Academy of Pediatrics has finally come out with a new report telling us what drugs are safe and not so safe to take while breastfeeding. It's been 12 years since they last had anything to say about it.

The quick answer on what drugs are safe to take when breastfeeding is always going to be to consult with your doctor first. The latest feedback from doctors as a result of this study is that we should avoid drugs whenever possible, especially certain painkillers, psychiatric drugs, and herbal remedies.

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It used to be doctors told nursing moms to stop breastfeeding or stop taking meds, now that's not always the case. Dr. Hari Cheryl Sachs, a pediatric and maternal health expert at the Food and Drug Administration, said, "Before assuming that you need to stop breastfeeding, there may be information that lets you know whether that really is advisable." Many of these drugs do not significantly get into breast milk. However, some drugs like codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone are still discouraged, along with Prozac and Wellbutrin because their levels appear higher in breast milk. Paxil seems to be the better option with a lower amount showing up in mama's milk. St. John's wort and yohimbe should also be avoided.

You can check your meds online at LactMed, and of course, consult your doctor.

Are you worried about taking any medications while breastfeeding?


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nonmember avatar jasd

Why is prozac bad?

ktobin2 ktobin2

That's why I can't breast feed. I'm on too many medications that I HAVE to be on. Plus after nine months of barely drinking and barely smoking, I will need that so bad, haha!

lobus lobus

Plus nine months of "barely" smoking and drinking? Whaaa. And fyi smoking and getting wasted around a baby is bad.

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I had the same thought lobus.

linzemae linzemae

Barely smoking and drinking.... your child wasnt special enough for you to quit your habits for 9 months? Disgusting

danie... danielleapril

That didnt take long for sanctimommies to pounce

ktobin2 ktobin2

Okay ladies, the last part was a joke! I was only serious about my medications.

Rachelle Rinn Shurtliff

Check with you doctor,  I was able to breastfeed on multiple meds.  Many are okay.

Especially if you take them at night.

Chris... ChristyM123

Calm down people---she added a "haha" at the end of that, so get off your high horses. This article says hydrocodone is bad during breastfeeding, but my OBGYN prescribed them and said they'd be fine, and so did the hospital nurses and my pharmicist. I haven't taken them because the last time I did, they made me really dizzy and loopy, but I'm curious why this article is saying to stay away from them during breastfeeding.

nonmember avatar frodo2011

prozac is bad because its an SSRI which in recent years has proven to cause permanent sexual dysfunction. Also emotional numbness tardive dyskanesia, gallbladder diseases, metabolism problems and more. most anti depressants work by placebo I had a psychiatrist tell me this himself. they're big money makers for doctors but he refuses to prescribe them because they are so harmful to the body. If your going to pop a pill don't breast feed.

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