When I Circumcise My Son, He May Lose More Than Just a Little Skin

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baby feetSo, yeah, we’re getting the boy’s little wee-wee snipped. In the most holy and appropriate of ways, of course! But there’s no way around it. I, the dad, am going to hire someone to remove a part of my son’s little baby penis.

The best part of it, or maybe the worst, is that he’s only going to be eight days old when it happens. Because that’s how things are done in Judaism. The little dude comes out, gets a week under his belt with his unit intact, and then we remove part of it. If we didn’t do that he couldn’t be considered part of the Jewish religion, which is a pretty big deal. Seeing as how, you know, we’re Jewish. But I have mixed feelings about circumcision.

On the pro side he gets to be Jewish, which is good. I’m proud of my people. Our success, our compassion, our domination of the Nobel Prizes for Medicine and Physics. (Seriously, we’re like the friggin New York Yankees on those.)

But the ritual upsets me a bit. One, the kid is losing part of his penis. Can’t get around that. For a dude this is major. Certainly this guy is peeved about it.

Second, maybe, maybe he’s going to lose some of the feeling associated with sex. Although this has been debated, back and forth.

Third, why is this still even all that important to the religion? Whereas once upon a time you could argue that foreskins got dirty, you know, 2000 thousand years ago. Now there are modern advances in technology to make sure that doesn’t happen. Like soap.

But the religion says to do it, and I want him to be part of the religion, so do it we shall. The odd part is that I’m not even particularly religious, and I’m not a big fan of simply doing something because a religion says so. That leads to all kinds of terrible things, including terrorism, Crusades, the Neil Diamond version of the Jazz Singer, the list is endless.  

Nonetheless, it shall be done, and afterwards he shall officially join the Jewish religion. He won’t know this because, thankfully, he’ll be out cold. But, I imagine, he might have some questions for me later.  

Do you think it's right to circumcise a baby boy?

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merma... mermaid13dragon

we are Jewish & don't circumcize. If you havnt done the horrid mutilation yet, I urge you to research the amount of Jewish Rabbis currently condemning this act & the Jewish ritual alternatives. There is a large movement among Jews to no longer mutilate there sons.

eupeptic eupeptic

In the unlikely event that it's medically necessary, yes (most boys throughout the world are born healthy and don't need to have any operations done on them after birth). Otherwise, no, it's a human rights violation that is often dressed up as being a good thing.

One thing to consider is how much your son might like identifying with being Jewish (some people have a lot of pride for belonging to a group). If you teach him that thinking for yourself and being independent is more important than belonging to a group then he probably would prefer that he not be circumcised. Also, if you wait until he can decide for himself if he wants to be circumcised then you can teach him about the pluses and minuses of circumcision and he can make the decision that is right for him rather than become a victim in the name of religion.

And for the record I am an intact male and when I learned about circumcision (in 6th grade) I was horrified by the thought that in this day in age doctors would preemptively perform surgery that causes harm (in terms of functionality, and sometimes to their health or life) to healthy baby boys with the idea that later on it may help a small percentage of them.

Shayla Kaelyn Byram

The father of my son and I decided to have our little one circumcised and we're Christian. The main reasons that we decided to do it because it's easier to keep clean that way and so he would be like dad. We researched the method that the pediatrician was going to use and decided that the benefits outweighed the risks.

Emilee Nicole Marriott

My son will be circumsized. Nothing wrong with it period.

katyq katyq

My son is circumcised.

abra819 abra819

my son WAS circumsized and LO AND BEHOLD..... he's a happy, healthy, little three year old. I know, crazy right!? Oh, hold on tight for the shit storm of comments you are about to get. Anti-circs are viscious nasty women who have nothing better to do lol

Kate Cooley

My son's circumcised and not a serial killer or pervert or sociopath... it's part of your tradition, so don't sweat it. He won't miss it and he won't remember it.

nonmember avatar Amber

I chose not to mutilate my son but when he was six we found out it was medically necessary. My poor boy had to have a surgery to remove his fore skin at 6 yrs old. After seeing him go thru that you can bet my next son will be snipped as a baby.

wamom223 wamom223

I don't agree with the whole its a 'tradition he wont miss it don't sweat it thing'.  No matter you reason's you are deciding to have cosmetic surgery done to your son's genitalia and that should be a big deal because all surgeries come with risks.  Not to mention there are different ways to do it and yes you should research this and take it seriously.  I personally believe that it is mutilation and should be against the law like it is for girls and it will be most likely in the next ten years.  As a parent, at this time, it is a decision you can legally make but at least give your son the respect of taking it seriously.  Also this is the second blog of yours I've read and I just don't think this is your thing.  You rambled on about something for like seven paragraphs that you pretty much summed up in the first sentence.  It sounds like you don't really have a reason for doing it and you don't take it seriously.  I am praying for your son's sake that this circumcision comes with no complications or problems because I would hate to think how you will deal with it if it doesn't.

nonmember avatar Abc

Kind of funny that the first to get crazy was someone saying the opposite side was going to get rude. Looking at you "Abra819". A little insecure in your decision, huh?

I would wait longer if you're already unsure. But I agree with mermaid13dragon, and eupeptic.

In my opinion circumcision is human mutilation. It's wrong and barbaric. I will and can't ever understand why a parent that loves their child would intentionally slice of a part of their child. And I don't understand why they seem to dislike their sons more, they don't cut off any parts of their daughters.

With that being said, I go with this crazy thing where I let others do their thing and I do mine.. I don't have to care about you or your kid. And I certainly don't. I don't get why others can't seem to see how to do that.

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